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Russell Prickly Pear Birdshooter™
For Maximum Protection in Snake and Thorn Country

Turtleskin SnakeArmor
In answer to dozens of requests from bird and deer hunting customers, Russell Moccasin developed a new birdshooting boot that is ideally suited for hunting in snake, thorn and cactus country.

The new Russell Prickly PearBirdshooter, fashioned from luxurious chocolate brown Weathered Oak leather, is a triple vamp boot, fully lined with patented, wearable Turtleskin® SnakeArmor, providing maximum protection from snake bites and invasive thorns, (lab tested and certified snake resistant by Jim Harrison of the Kentucky Wildlife Zoo).

The Prickly Pear Birdshooter is available with a tough molded toe cap, to provide added wear and abrasion resistance. Standard is a tough Vibram Huez sole with a cushion wedge midsole; 12-inch height for added lower leg protection from thorns and snakes; heel counters for extra stability; fully leather lined in Aqua Tanned leather for comfort. Black lacing studs are standard to hasten lacing. Custom made to fit your foot and leg so the Prickly Pear is more comfortable to wear and less bulky than traditional snake boots.

The Prickly Pear Birdshooter takes the worry out of hunting hostile environs... so you can concentrate on your shooting.

Custom Made Only
Standard Crepe Rubber Sole
Vibram Huez
Standard Sole

Optional Soles

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