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Russell "TLC" Toe - Lace Hunter

Built for the most rugged applications, the TLC features a long “ice skate” type counter that reaches to the instep for superb side to side foot support on steep hillside. Laces nearly all the way to the toe for greater control over the tightness of the boot…greater control in steep, treacherous conditions…allows you to select the degree of tightness you want over the instep and ball of the foot.

Standard Claw Air Bob sole with an outside cleat pattern for incredible traction… can be resoled at the factory. Made from black water resistant WeatherTuffTM leather…three layers of leather wrap around the side of your foot for protection and waterproofness.

Cushion collar for comfort…cushioned midsole. Also choice of other soles and leathers. Fully leather lined with AquaTan waterproofed leather for greater water resistance and added support.

Standard Height is 10”…any height available.

Men's Women's
Claw Air Bob
Claw Air Bob
Standard Sole

Optional Soles
Custom Made Only

Custom Made Only

Colors Available
Black (as shown) • Reddish Brown • Tan • Chocolate • Green

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