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Russell Turtleskin® ThornArmor™ Safari PH

Turtleskin SnakeArmor
Russell’s Turtleskin ThornArmor “PH” has been improved. Some of our customers reported that the ThornArmor we use to line the boots was chaffing their ankles so we are now lining the
uppers of the boot with super soft deerskin for comfort. Russell designed the Turtleskin ThornArmor “PH” in 2005 to prevent thorns from penetrating hunter’s boots. We’ve been there and had thorns totally penetrate not only the sole of a safari boot but the entire boot! When Turtleskin was
introduced in 2004, Russell recognized it as a viable thorn penetration barrier that could be used in our footwear. The Turtleskin
ThornArmor “PH” was extensively tested in Africa and proved to turn the nastiest African thorns. Made from tan waterproof
WeatherTuff leather with triple vamp construction. Its flat Huez sole and cushioned crepe wedge midsole, is ideal for walking in soft sandy terrain. The thin
ThornArmor layer that totally surrounds the foot, top, bottom and sides does add stiffness to the boot, thus the addition of soft deerskin lining. We heard you! You should break the boots in gradually for at least two weeks prior to your hunt.
Men's Women's
Standard Crepe Rubber Sole
Vibram Huez
Standard Sole

Optional Soles
Custom Made Only
Custom Made Only

Colors Available for CUSTOM MADE
WeatherTuff Leather
• Tan • Chocolate • Red/Brown • Green • Black

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