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10 oz. Bullhide Leather Snake Boot

Handstitched Vamp and Toe Pieces

If you could see a veteran Russell boot maker start in the morning and hand sew this great boot, stitch by stitch, and call it a good day’s work to finish just one pair, you would have a far better understanding of its superb quality than words on paper. For here is a boot as close to 100% in every detail as craftsmanship can come! In addition to perfection of leather and workmanship, you get the convenience of on-and-off speed – smooth, hookless front – muscular freedom for easy walking – and, of course, the full leg protection when traveling in snake country. Uppers made of tough brown 10-ounce bullhide leather. Double vamp construction. All seams are sealed. Firm oak leather counters. Can be furnished in any height.

    Standard Height is 16"

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Custom Made

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