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Russell Turkey Hunter

The Russell Turkey Hunter boot is 16 inches high (heights from 8” to 18” available). The lower portion of the foot features 8 oz. of leather, and the toe piece, which covers the top of the foot, is cut from 8-9 oz. bullhide leather and lined with an additional 4 oz. of leather. A 1 1/2” wide strip of 8-9 oz. bullhide leather is stitched to the gusset (tongue). Boots should lace close enough together to assure non-reinforced tongue is not exposed. The viper cordura quarters (uppers) are fully leather-lined and lightweight.

To combat the turkey's keen eyesight we designed the Turkey Hunter with camouflage uppers and dark colored low profile Vibram soles. The boot's extra height totally conceals your calf and socks for complete camouflaging.

The Turkey Hunter is as waterproof as a leather boot can be. Two comfortable layers of waterproofed leather that surround your a hand molded outer sole...provide three water barriers, making water penetration next to impossible. Black lacing hooks in ankle and upper leg for faster lacing.

Russell Turkey Hunters can be made with any soles as shown on the web site. If hunting under hilly or side hill conditions, boots can be furnished with heel counters, to prevent boot walkover at heels.

A pair of handmade Russell Turkey Hunters is an investment you will never regret. They are true moccasins...and over time they will mold right to your foot for the most comfortable fit imaginable. Hand-made on a custom order basis only. Average weight per pair...just 41/2 lbs. Available in green or black leather also.

    Standard Height is 16"

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Real Tree Timber • Real Tree Advantage Pattern • Plain Brown

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