The W.C. Russell Moccasin Company

Building Russell Moccasins
1936 "Moviegram"

A More Recent Look at Russell's Hand Made Process

Individual pieces of a customer’s boot order are gathered and coordinated with the customer’s unique production tag, ready to move on to the next stage of assembly.

Each pair of boots or shoes is meticulously hand trimmed

Time consuming hand sewing is the hallmark of each pair of Russell’s
Great care is taken hand sewing Russell’s exclusive Never-Rip Seam Handlasting

Handlasting is one of the keys to the unparalleled comfort of a Russell boot or shoe. This painstaking and time consuming process involves pulling up the wetted leather over a wood or molded plastic last and hand tacking it down to mold to the last. Note in the background, the last buildup (brown leather over the instep). We routinely buildup or build out lasts to conform to the measurements and tracings of customers feet.
During a visit to the Russell factory in 2011, outdoor writer, Gayne Young, takes a step back in time as he walks through the production facility and observes the many hand operations being performed. He shook his head in amazement.
Work in, shoes and moccasins of various descriptions are placed in drying/holding racks awaiting the next production step. Leather must be allowed to slowly dry and mold to the lasts.
One of the final steps in production is removing the last over which your boots or shoes were made.
Here, a Russell finisher does the final shaping of the sole. Each pair is then inspected and passed prior to shipment to the customer.
All Russell boots and shoes can be returned to the factory for resoling for a modest fee of $64.00. Turnaround time is normally three weeks. If you wear out the soles on your Russell’s... just send them back and we will make them like new again!
If your boots or shoes become severely worn, Russell provides full repair service as well. Here our repair specialist is shown hand sewing a replacement molded sole on a pair of well worn boots.
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