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Field Report: 7-Months--200 Miles
Minimalist Country Squire Signature South 40 Birdshooter

The original Minimalist Country Squire Signature South 40 prototype has covered a lot of miles and has seen a lot of tough cover and conditions in the past seven months. Russell’s Richard Sanders, (who carries a pedometer in his pocket when hunting), reports the prototype boot, put into field service in September 2011, has covered 200 miles plus, starting in Wisconsin in the early morning dew running his dog at the dog training center several times a week to get ready for the “real hunting season.” Then on to the grouse woods of Wisconsin, here again, wet conditions. Then off to South Dakota and North Dakota to chase pheasants with Simon, his Golden Retriever. During the last trip to South Dakota in late December, Richard reports trudging through numerous wet, super muddy cat tail swamps with his dog in an attempt to push pheasants out to his hunting companions.

The Minimalist Country Squire Signature South 40 after numerous days in the field and about 76 miles of hard hunting. They were dusty and dirty, granted, but had been in the wet from September into mid-October.

After several more tough hunts in South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and more trips to the dog training center in Wisconsin, Richard cleaned his boots for the winter in January 2012 with Fiebings Saddle Soap...allowed them to dry naturally and then applied two coats of Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather Preservative.
Shown here are Richard’s freshly saddle soaped boots prior to retreating with Obenauf’s. Note the wear/stress areas (lighter colored). These were caused by the constant abrasion of brush, grass and cat tail swamps. Heavy abrasion and wet conditions float the oils and color out of even the finest leathers. You can see the amount of wear these boots were subjected to in just the first five months of use. This why it is important to treat your boots after a number of tough hunts with a high quality leather preservative and waterproofing product like Obenauf’ restore the oils to the leather and to bring your boots back to like-new condition. Obenauf’s conditions the leather keeping it soft and supple, waterproofs it and coats the stitching, allowing grass, reeds and brush to just slide off rather than digging in and destroying the leather.
Same boots after being cleaned and treated. Good as new! NOTE: The Obenauf’s product was applied twice and worked into the leather with a hair dryer given the bitter cold weather in Wisconsin in January. During the warmer months, treated boots can just be set out into the sun and the product will absorb nicely.
This photo, once again, illustrates how heavy abrasion and wet conditions result in the oils and color being pulled out of a pair of boots.

Richard with his field dog, Simon and his Westie, Whitney, after a brisk, wet and windy morning hunting pheasants in North Dakota, shown with a limit of two hard-won birds. One tired retriever. One happy hunter and a “little dog” that just went along for a car ride.

Performance Report From Richard:
“It is difficult to describe the fabulous feel of the Minimalist Country Squire Signature South 40. I liken the feel to that of a finely tuned sports car that goes wherever you aim it effortlessly and easily. Hunting in this pair of boots is an absolute joy! There is no foot pain or discomfort of any kind even after a long day afield. They are as close to walking barefoot or in a pair of socks as any boot I have ever worn. They are so lightweight, comfortable, flexible and nimble that you forget that you are even wearing a serious pair of bird hunting boots. The combination of the Munson Army Last, the flexible Vibram Newporter sole and the low 1/4” heel lift truly does give you a better feel for the ground and greatly improves your balance. Walking in the field in these boots takes a lot less effort. As I predicted back in September 2011, the Minimalist Country Squire Signature South 40 WILL obsolete every other bird hunting boot in the world. They already have in my mind as I have 200 miles of ‘proof’ on mine so far and couldn’t be happier with them.”


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