Fitting Instructions

RUSH SHIPMENT orders will no longer be accepted, until further notice. We appreciate your business, and are sorry for the inconvenience.

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How we assure you a PERFECT fit

We carry a large, varied assortment of lasts to provide the flexibility to fit feet of unusual size and shape. When necessary, Russell will custom design a last for hard to fit or odd shaped feet. If you have a bunion or a sore spot on your foot, we will build the last up to allow extra room in sensitive areas.

For extra wide or extra narrow feet a special last can be ordered at an average price of $75.00 and saved for your future orders.

Different Sized Feet?

If your feet are different sizes, this is not a problem. Many people's feet are different sizes. Russell will custom fit your boots or shoes to the exact size of each foot.

Measurements on File for 10 Years

Russell will keep your measurements on file for 10 years which will allow you to order additional pairs of boots or shoes by merely calling us or sending us an e-mail with your order instructions. If you are already on file at Russell but your feet have changed over the years due to overuse or weight loss or gain, it may be a good idea to take new, updated measurements and foot tracings prior to ordering.

Send us a photo

Mail or email photos of your bare feet and or leg is especially helpful if you have bunions, hammer toes or other irregularities so we can get a better fit for you.

We Are Often Asked:

"Why is there a size stamped inside my custom made boots?"
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Please read the following measuring form PDF carefully.
Print and mail this measuring form with your order.


RUSH SHIPMENT orders will no longer be accepted, until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.