Highlands Over the Calf

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HL Sock
Highlands Over the Calf

This is a full over the calf design...specifically designed for cooler safari hunts.  We’ve all been on at least one of those hunts...when we thought it was going to be 85 degrees the whole time and then a cold front rolls in from the Cape and it’s COLD!  (One of our Pro-Staff members had this very experience in June of 2009 when the temperatures rarely made it out of the 40’s...in South Africa!).   The Highland  is made with the finest materials available.  Constructed for ultimate comfort, warmth and durability.  Made from 60% extra heavy Merino Wool yarns, (the best wool in the world), for warmth, 33% nylon, 5% elastic and 2% Lycra Spandex for durability and shape-holding.  Featuring a fully cushioned foot bed for extra comfort when you are piling the miles...anti-microbial treated to fight bacteria and odor.  The Highlands sock can be worn in warm or cool to cold weather.  It’s 60% wool makeup wicks moisture away from your foot keeping your feet dry and comfortable, regardless of the temperature.  Machine washable and dryable so you know they can stand up to the most aggressive safari camp laundry.   Made in the USA from the finest light brown Merino wool  with Russell Moccasin-branded toe.  This is a “must have” sock on any safari as it can literally save the day when the weather turns against you.