STEP 3: Please assist us in providing a perfect fit by answering the following questions.

1. Have you ordered from "Russell's" before? Yes No

2. If this is not your first Russell order, please note following: Orders are filed according to name and state from which received. In what state did you reside when you placed your previous Russell order?___________________________

3. Were your measurements taking over wool or cotton socks? Heavy or light?__________

4. Will you be wearing heavy, medium or light socks? ____________________________

5. Were leg measurements taken over trousers, socks or bare leg?____________________

6. What size and width boot or shoe do you normally wear? ________________________

7. If you do not know your size, please provide the letters
and figures printed inside your shoe.___________________________________________

We like to have this information to use as a guide. Russell sizes run slightly larger than conventional street shoes. For instance, if you normally wear a size 9D in a street shoe, you could very well wear a Russell size 8-1/2.

8. What is your height?________________________________

9. What is your weight? _______________________________

10. Is the calf of your leg small, average or large? ___________________________

11. Do you have a high instep or normal? _________________________________

Checking for Fit

Try on your boots or shoes with the socks you will be wearing and with weight evenly distributed on both feet. Moccasin footwear, being all leather, will generally shorten and widen as worn. The ball of your foot should be positioned at the ball of the boot, and you should have 5/8" to 3/4" space between the end of your toes and the boot.

Your boot will fit correctly if proper care was taken during your home measurement process. Do not wear boots or shoes outside, unless you are sure they fit. Soiled or scuffed footwear cannot be returned.

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