Leather Care Products


A TRUE SPORTSMAN will give his boots as much care as he does his favorite gun or his pet rod, and the boots will repay the care many times over with better service and longer wear.

The easiest way to preserve leather is through proper oiling or greasing. Water and wear remove the original oil from the leather. When the tiny fibers are allowed to dry out, they become hard and brittle and break easily - greatly shortening the life of the leather. Pecard leather dressing is made from the same ingredients used by the tanner in waterproofing the leather originally. Its frequent use will maintain the original softness, flexibility, and water-turning qualities of the leather. Its use is strongly recommended.

Care in Drying Russell Footwear

obenaufssm.gifpecard-shoeoilsm.gifLeather fibers burn easily, especially when the leather is wet. Leather should never be dried near artificial heat even though this may be a quicker method. More footwear is injured by burning than in any other way. For best results leather should be dried out slowly and never be subjected to any extreme heat.

After the boots are dried, oil them with Obenauf's or Pecard. The oiling is most effective if rubbed on with a brush or by hand. Obenauf's and Pecard will work into the pores by the heat generated from vigorous rubbing.

Pecard Leather Dressing Paste

pecard-leatherdressingsm.gifPecard Leather Dressing Paste is formulated to preserve and protect all your leather footwear, from hunting boots to dress shoes. Successfully resists dew, rain, and snow. Prevents dry-out and cracking. Excellent for all colors except white and beige. Can be used on oil tanned or dry tanned leather. Cannot be used on Silicone Leather.

Care of Silicone and Dry Tanned Leathers

pecard-siliconesm.gifpecard-silicone-cansm.gifPecard silicone for Weather Tuff™, Aqua Tan and Laramie. Silicone boot polish for Weather Tuff™, Aqua Tan and non-oiled leathers. Brown, Black, Dark Brown, Mahogany, Neutral, British Tan, and Cordovan. Chamois oil cleans and preserves Chamois leather.


Care of Navigator and Chromexcel Leathers

venetian-shoecreamsm.gifVenetian cream cleans and preserves navigator and chromexcel leathers.





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