Minimalist Huron Roughout Laramie Suede

There are two basic oxford models of the Minimalist Huron...the first made from tan Laramie Roughout Suede, (also available in rust), and a second made from German Elk leather, in black, chocolate brown, reddish brown or dirty white. Extremely light average pair weighs only 2.25 lbs. Both are equipped with a flat Vibram Newporter sole with no standard heel lift.

Minimalist Huron M-HLS Tan or Rust Roughout Laramie Suede

Custom Made Men's & Women's

Standard Sole Vibram Newporter/with 4-iron Midsole

Custom Made Only.

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Minimalist Huron Roughout Laramie Suede

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Minimalist Huron Roughout Laramie