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SB Foot Leather Factory Tour

In early August 2011, Russell’s Suzie Fabricius toured the 140-year-old SB Foot Leather Tannery in Red Wing, MN, from where much of Russell’s premium leather is purchased.   Her half day tour was guided by Pete Hendrickson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Pete has worked with Russell President, Ralph “Lefty” Fabricius, as SB Foot’s leather sales representative for 37 Pete has an intimate knowledge of Russell’s high quality leather standards.

To say the tour was an eye opener would be an understatement.   As Suzie stated after the plant tour and observing all that goes into making fine leather, “This was one of the most interesting tours I have ever taken.   To be able to see the entire leather making process from blue hides to finished leather was just fascinating.”

SB Foot is the largest and second oldest leather tannery in the U.S.  The company processes 4,500 sides of cowhide a day, (nearly 6 million linear feet of leather a year), making more than 400 different colors, textures and types of leather ranging from waterproofed to oil tanned to corrected grain to suede...even camo patterns.

“One of the most useful pieces of information I came away with from my tour,” says Suzie, “is that SB Foot has many processes to alter the hand or the feel of leather.   If I want a certain leather to be softer and easier to work with they will tumble and knead it a little longer.   Pete told me that we can specify exactly what we want and he will do everything in his power to give me that product.   Great information to have going forward.”


Outdoor Writer and Author, Gayne Young Visits Russell in June 2011

Gayne Young, Fredericksburg, TX, has been a Russell customer for a number of years.  Following a breakthrough interview with Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin earlier this year, Gayne visited the Russell Moccasin factory and was given the tour by Ralph and Suzie Fabricius.  To mark Gaynes’s historic interview with Vladimir Putin, we offered to make him a pair of special boots that we had been discussing with him for a very specialized form of hunting.  Gayne likes to hunt in the jungles and rainforests because it is “warmer there.”  Read about the new Gayne Young Jungle Hunter “PH” by clicking below.


NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Signature South 40 Birshooter Test Product

Russell’s Richard Sanders is an avid hunter, specially bird hunting with his Golden Retriever, Simon.  Richard designed the original South 40 Birdshooter back in 1984.   It went on to become one of our best sellers.   Born of the field for the field.    Richard logged well over 6,000 miles chasing birds in his South 40 Birdshooters.   About a year ago they went missing so we made a replacement pair to his specifications.    He wanted to try the improved and upgraded Signature South 40 built on the Munson Army Last, (more room in the toes), equip the boots with the relatively new, flat Vibram Newporter Sole with a minimum heel rise of only 1/4 inch, (low heel rise based upon what we learned while developing our Minimalist Footwear lineup).  He is wearing them now and loves them.   We will have samples of this new combination for you to try on at the winter shows.  Stop by our booth to try a pair on and give us your feedback.   We value your opinions!    (Not that we don’t believe Richard...but we just want to hear what you think of this combination).



Russell Actually Resoles and Repairs Its Products...Greatly Extending the Life of Your Boots and Shoes

Unlike athletic shoes or most conventional hunting boots and shoes with rubber soles, all Russell boots and shoes can be resoled and/or repaired right at our factory.  When you wear the soles out on most conventional rubber soled boots....they are done...ready for the trash.   So off you go to the hunting gear store again to spend your hard earned dollars on yet another pair of boots that are not going to go the distance.

Due to the unique construction of Russell boots and shoes, replacing a worn sole is easy.   The old sold is simply stripped off its rubber midsole and a new sole cemented in place.   Numerous of our Pro Staff members have had worn soles replaced five and six or more times.   Soles wear out.   That’s a fact of life.   But just because you have worn out the soles doesn’t mean your Russell’s are ready for the trash.   Return Russell’s to us for resoling...and for a modest fee of $60.00...we will put them right for you.   Turnaround time is normally three weeks.

But don’t wait too long as African Professional Hunter, Paul Stones did.   Paul wore these boots every day for more than three years.   1,100 days in the bush.   Wore them hard and didn’t properly care for them (because he was busy guiding hunters).   He not only wore completely through the sole but also the midsole and into the bottom leather vamp.   He brought them to us at the Dallas Safari Club show and wanted us to resole them.   We had to give him the bad news:  “Paul...since you waited so long it is now time for you to order a new pair of boots.”

Russell Pro-Staff Spotlight

P.H. Jofie Lamprecht -- Professional Hunter & Photographer

P.H. Jofie Lamprecht is a Namibian Big Game Professional Hunter and photographer, having been published in various hunting magazines and selling his work to leaders in the safari industry. His tales of successful safaris grace the pages of the world’s leading hunting magazines. Jofie has had the very good fortune of taking 4 Namibian top 10 trophies in the 2011 season alone. The new #1 White Rhino, #5 and #6 Cape Buffalo and a #7 Sable Antelope.  Jofie is young, a great and caring PH who knows his business, energetic, in terrific shape and he loves to hunt whether it is dangerous game, plains game or gamebirds.  Jofie wears and tests Russell safari boots always, as does his father, Joof.  They provide Russell with “boots on the ground” critiques of our products and soles.   The elder, Joof designed the Joof Boot many years ago.  Russell finally added the Joof Boot to its catalog and web site once we learned that it filled a very important role in the Namibian bush.  It can be seen on the Russell web site here,

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT Jofie Lamprecht.  Take a look at the family’s website at

This photo, showing three pairs of Russell “PH” boots with a large Cape Buffalo,  was taken on a recent safari conducted by Jofie Lamprecht.  Jofie’s Russell boots are the well worn ones on the left.

OVERSIGHT:   We forgot to provide a proper credit for the photo of PH Ivan Carter in the last E-newsletter.    The photo of Ivan Carter was taken by his good friend...none other than Jofie Lamprecht.

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Russell’s web site has recently been recently updated.   New products have been added along with new information.   Check it out at

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