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How Russell's Are Made and Why It Takes 20 Weeks

Not long ago we ran across an old Russell catalog in the files of antiquity...printed in 1936. On pages 3 and 4 was what was then termed a “Moviegram” showing the Russell production steps. Twelve photos illustrating 12 of the 19 individual steps in the Russell production process. We thought this old illustration would be of interest to you.

Not much has changed in the past 76 years...Russell boots and shoes are still made by hand as they were in pair at a time...using many of the same tools and machines used back in 1936...still utilizing the same meticulous production techniques.

From the time your order hits the production floor more than 19 individual operations must be performed, including hand cutting the leather, hand skiving, attaching the vamps to the quarters, hand fitting, pullover (pulling the leather over the last and tacking it down, again, by hand), sewing and attaching molded soles to the vamps, hand sewing by a shoemaker, hand trimming, installing the gusset and eyelets, sole attachment, trimming the sole, finishing and finally shipping. All of this takes time.

As a custom made, hand made product...made in average pair of triple vamp boots requires 19 hand operations over the course of 20 weeks...

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The Major Difference Between Russell Moccasin and Everybody Else:

Because Russell Moccasin is a small family owned company and all of our products are made right here in our Berlin, WI factory, Russell has the unique ability to design, test and introduce new products on a highly accelerated timeline. We can change the paradigm of design almost instantaneously based on customer needs and requirements.

This is an important point. Orders placed for boots and shoes made in China must be made well in advance...needing to be placed normally a year to a year and a half prior to delivery...sometimes stores in the US....making fast, competent new designs, testing and changes impossible. Boots and shoes made in China are made by the thousands for “any man” or “any woman” -- meaning their footwear products are merely made to fit “an average.”

Russell boots and shoes are made on an individual fit your meet your needs! Big difference.

Russell allows you the flexibility of customizing your new Russell’s... choosing from over 100 different leathers of the highest quality in the world....from waterproofed cowhide or bison to alligator to elephant to ostrich to fine French Veal in a variety of hues and colors...selecting one of more than two dozen different sole can opt for taller or shorter boots....two tone if you like. Not only do we make your shoes and boots to “fit your feet”...we allow you to have a say in the look of the final product.

During the spring of 2011, Ryan Stalvey, Creative Director for Sporting Classics magazine, proposed that we revisit our old style tall birdhunting boot designs. With Ryan’s input we designed and made a prototype of a new boot, which is now known at the Gentleman’s Classic Birdshooter. Total time elapsed from concept to product introduction: 5-1/2 months!

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Also during the summer of 2011, good Russell customer, Jeff Wemmer, CEO of Texas Hunt Co., from Monahans, TX, requested a short, simple, breathable “PH” type boot that would provide the kind of “run all day in the heat” capability he needs for his South Texas “Combat Quail Hunting” style. We went to work on the concept, building the boot only 5.5” tall out of a combination of breathable Laramie Suede leather and cotton duck uppers. Mr. Wemmer received his boots in September. He loved them, saying, “These are the best damn’d boots ever. The boots are so comfortable (they breathe) and provide such good traction and stability, I don't even know I'm wearing them...that's how it is supposed to be!” Introducing the Laramie Suede 5.5 “PH”. Total time to market? 5 months!

Since making Mr. Wemmer’s original Laramie Suede 5.5 “PH’s” we modified the design slightly incorporating a thin kangaroo half gusset rather than cotton duck, making the boot more comfortable and easier to get on and off.

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The people of Russell Moccasin take pride in building the finest hunting boots and outdoor footwear in the world.....not “more of” and not “cheaper”.... just THE BEST! Russell is a small company employing a small number of highly skilled craftsmen who take their work very seriously. Working at Russell and building the finest outdoor footwear in the world, is part art...part cult...and part pride! Ours is a traditional method of manufacture that has operated virtually unchanged for more than 114 years...and we have no intention of changing what we do. Mass production methods are just not possible at Russell. That’s why it takes 20 weeks for your new Russell’s to arrive at your doorstep.

Shown here is Rusell Moccasin customer, George Earl and a very nice Whitetail buck, in the Adirondacks in New York last hunting season. George is wearing a tall pair of Russell TLC hunting boots.

Russell Pro Staff Highlight

Paul Stones founded his hunting company, Paul Stones Safaris in 1991. “I have always loved Africa, it’s habitat and hunting.” Born in Oxford, England, Paul spent his formative years in Zambia with his parents who, according to Paul, “are of farming stock and non-hunters.” Upon completing his schooling at Dale College in King Williams Town, Paul spent eight years in the gold mines of South Africa. But the African bush was his true passion leading Paul to forming Paul Stones Safaris.

Over the past 22 years Paul Stones Safaris has grown into one of Africa’s premier safari companies. Paul reports repeat business. accounts for more than 95% of his hunt bookings. Paul has guided and accompanied clients on 88 species of African game in eight different countries.

Paul’s knowledge of Africa as a whole is a huge asset to the overall experience offered to discerning clients from around the world. In Paul’s words, “Safari is not only a journey but a creation of fantasy and fairytales of a bygone era that today remains a yardstick in the quest for the perfect African adventure.”

Paul is based in Sandton, Johannesburg where he lives with his wife Vicki, a medical doctor and his two children, Danielle and Robin.

A number of years ago Paul purchased his first pair of Safari “PH” boots from Russell. In three seasons he literally wore them into the ground. He brought them to the Dallas Safari Club Convention, asking if they could be resoled. Upon inspecting them we had to give Paul the bad news....that he had waited too long and had worn them beyond the point of repair. We made Paul another pair. A few years later Paul, who hunts in thick, thick thornbush, offered a product suggestion that made sense to us. After some testing on Paul’s feet, (of course), we introduced the Thornbush “PH” boot....a true double vamp design with smooth outside lines stands up nicely to the abrasive action of the heavy thornbush in which Paul hunts. Russell greatly appreciates Paul sharing his experiences, knowledge and suggestions with us.

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