No Quill Ostrich ART CARTER Traveling Sportsman Chukka

Triple vamp, made without heel counters (less weight and less rigid than the original), equipped with a brown leather midsole and Aspen Gumlite sole.

There are about 15 to 16 square feet of leather in an average ostrich skin. Only about 38% of the skin carries the familiar trademark quill marks however. The quill marks are the pattern formed around the major plumage groups on an ostrich. That leaves about 62% of the ostrich skin with no quills whatsoever. The leather on the no quill portion of the skin or hide, known as belly leather, is just as soft, luxurious and strong as the quilled just doesn’t offer the cache of full quill.

So what to do with all of this fine leather? It presents a problem for boot and shoemakers like Russell Moccasin Company. As you might imagine, we accumulate a lot of no quill ostrich after meticulously cutting the quilled portions to make shoes and boots for our customers.

Russell is now offering two of its classic designs, the Art Carter Traveling Sportsman Chukka and the Safari “PH” in no-quill ostrich at a substantially lower price than our normal ostrich shoes and boots. Available in med. brown, cognac, black, chocolate and light tan. The no-quill versions offer the same lightweight, soft supple ostrich leather...just no quills. These are just a lower cost option.

If you have ever yearned for a pair of luxurious ostrich shoes or boots but didn’t want to spring for the full quill price, here is your chance to lace up a pair and discover the supreme comfort of ostrich footwear. The no-quill models will save you about 30%.

Full quill ostrich boots and shoes are gorgeous, no question. But the purchase price can get to galloping along pretty quickly as well. For all things, there is a reason.

Custom Made.

No Quill Ostrich ART CARTER Traveling Sportsman Chukka

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NO-QUILL OSTRICH ART CARTER Traveling Sportsman Chukka