Oversize ChargesOversize Charges

At Russell we say, “You name it...we’ll make it.” And this is a true statement as we can make just about anything you might want in a moccasin style shoe or boot fashioned from the very best leathers money can buy. Not long ago we made a pair of dainty size 2-1/2 South 40 Birdshooters for a lady from Texas. We also made a special pair of size 17EEE boots for a former NFL football player. However, when we get into “Oversize” shoes and boots, we need to charge a bit extra as these require specially made lasts. See extra charges below.

Men’s Oversizes

Click on the specifications below if you need your order to be oversized. Not Oversized

12-1/2-13 $7.50
13-1/2-14 $10.00
14-1/2-15 $18.00
15 1/2-18 $36.00