Russell Laramie Suede Safari “PH”

If you like super lightweight footwear and hunt in warm weather, the new Russell Moccasin Laramie Suede “PH” just may be what you’re looking for.

Laramie Suede leather, in the words of one of our customers, “breaths like a screen door.”  Laramie Suede is an open grain leather that allows heat to escape quickly, an attribute you will come to appreciate it you hunt in hot conditions such as Southern US or Africa.  Which is why most of the boots made for the US military for use in Iraq and Afghanistan were crafted from suede leather.  They breathe!

Our new Laramie Suede Safari “PH” is 7 inches tall made with suede leather lowers and lightweight, breathable cotton duck uppers and gussets and is fitted with a quiet but durable Vibram Newporter sole with a low rise 1/4” heel lift.

Total weight is less than 2 lbs. per pair!  Less than half the weight of even our lightest weight bird hunting boots.

The Laramie Suide “PH” is super lightweight, but most importantly, the leather and cotton duck construction makes it very breathable.   Perfect for warm weather applications.  Suede leather is also very soft and pliable so requires virtually no breakin period at all.  Available in women’s sizes as well.


Custom Made Only.

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Russell Laramie Suede Safari “PH”

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Russell Laramie Suede Safari “PH”