"Thank you for all of your help and advice. The boots are great, plus they smell good. As I told you on the telephone I have wanted a pair of Russell boots since 1962. You cannot know how thrilled I am. I am looking forward to my next pair of Russell Moccasin's. Thanks again for the wonderful service."

Henry Schwartze - California

"These boots are the best thing I have ever put on my feet. They have walked snowy cornfields chasing ringnecks in South Dakota and dusty dove fields in Texas and Mexico…snuck through timber in Missouri after whitetails and gobblers and been at walleye shore lunches on rocky spruce covered islands in Ontario…but today, like on many days they on my feet in my office at an advertising agency in downtown Chicago! They couldn’t be better!!!"
Thanks JTM

PS: I think I have 5 different pairs of Russells but these are my favorites.

J. T. Mapel - Illinois

"I was excited to receive the box containing my Russell boots As you are aware, I kept the boots in my closet for almost a year as they did not fit properly. After you adjusted them, I am very satisfied and excited."

Gene Mihalka -SC

"I have used these boots every day for the past three years. I love them better than my trusty dog. Please bring them back to life for me. Do what you have to to cleanup and refurbish. I would like to have your Plantation Crepe sole applied, new laces and can of Obenauf's."

Leo Hoffman - Kansas

"Several months ago I received a pair of Chukka boots from your company. These shoes are the first shoes I have been able to wear since being left with serious edema as a result of an operation on my knees. Finally, after several years of therapy my feet have returned almost to normal, so you can imagine how good it feels to finally have shoes on again...and they fit! Enclosed is an order form and new measurements for additional shoes. Should you find that the measurements differ from those previously submitted to you, please err on the side of caution and go with the larger measurements. Thanks for helping me feel human again.

Leonard (Jay) Sweeney, Jr. - NH

"I just wanted to thank everyone at Russell Moccasin for my shoes. It took a little longer than I expected.......maybe I was just eager to get them. I guess it is true..... good things come to those that wait. WELL.......my feet DON'T hurt anymore!! I no longer find myself anxious to get home to take off my shoes. Nor, do my feet hurt the next morning worse than the day before. Russell shoes will be the only ones I purchase the rest of my days. I'm telling everyone I know about the difference in a real shoe, and the ones you can walk in and buy. I'm fighting the temptation to buy more....but I'm losing the battle! There are two more styles I'm looking at....so y'all will most likely be getting another order soon. Again Thanks."

Archie Harris - Georgia

“Dear Friends,

My new Art Carters are wearing in nicely.  I’ve worn them every day since they arrived.  I think it is a miracle, (and given my vocation, I use that as a technical term),  that people that I have met only via a 1,000 mile telephone connection, (using a tracing of my feet and a list of measurements), can make boots that fit me as perfectly as my Russell Moccasins do.  It is as though the boot makers knew where my feet hurt ---as thought they had seen me wince and hear me grumble as I walked---and then made the Art Carters to answer every sore spot and stone bruise and stretched tendon in my feet and ankles.  Now I have my knee-high Cavaliers to hunt in and my Art Carters for dressy casual wear.  Both are a comfort and a pleasure to wear.  And let me assure you that they won’t be the last Russell Moccasins I order.  Please thank the skillful geniuses who made my Art Carters.  Thanks SO much!”

The Re’d Frank B.  Crumbaugh III -- New Jersey

“I received my new black ostrich chukkas with zebra skin inlays earlier this week and they are the most beautiful boots I have ever seen, not to mention the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn.  I look forward to wearing them at the many trade shows I work throughout the year!  Thank you for the great job you did on the boots!  I am going on an alligator hunt next month and look forward to getting another pair of chukkas made out of gator!  Thanks again!”

Melissa Juneski  -- Minnesota

“I received my new Art Carter Traveling Sportsman chukka boots on Monday. They meet or exceed all my expectations for quality construction and fit with the comfort of my bedroom slippers, right out of the box. I told my wife that if indeed they ‘bury me with my boots on’, these are the boots I want to be wearing.”

“Dave Kalkwarf, Iowa

“I received my Chukka boots on February 24 and they fit. I have been wearing them daily and they have adjusted to my feet. I forgot that they are real shoes, not some ‘made-in-China’ things and that they needed to be broken in. They feel fine and are very comfortable. Thanks for your craftsmanship. I look forward to ordering more shoes/boots in the future. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and associates.”

Oliver Cromer, Virgina

“I was a terribly footsore fellow when we met at the 2006 Southeast Wildlife Expo. After two days taking in the exhibits spread across Charleston, SC, my feet were protesting profusely. The chukkas with the wedge sole and the extra arch supports that I ordered from you have arrived and I’m ready to conquer next year’s Expo in comfort. Many thanks.”

J.W. McElven, Jr.

“I just wanted to send my thanks after receiving the Sporting Clays Chukkas that I ordered in January. I have ordered some of your boots off of the sale list before but these were the first that were made to measure. I have arthritis in one hip and will need it replaced in the next year and it is amazing how much difference these shoes make in relieving the pain. I like to walk every day and these make such a difference. I have a pair of Safari Club 1745-cb and I thought I might send them in to have some lite- line soles put on and see if they could be widened a bit. Thanks again for the great product. God bless.”

Mike Shaughnessy

"Just returned from Japan.  The Ostrich Business card holders were a hit with the directors of Kumiai.  Thanks for getting those to me on such short notice.  I also got my snake boots while I was in MS and they fit perfect, thanks for the hard work on those. Lastly, I'm attaching a picture of a pair of my Art Carter Chukkas on the ledge of the Kiumizu, (Pure/Clean Water,) Temple in Kyoto, Japan. You can see the temple and Old Kyoto City in the background.  I also got them blessed by Buddha.   I think even Buddha would wear Russells." 

- Cam Smith, Louisiana

"Just got my Premier African Sport Chukka order today and had to write to tell you 'thanks'. Excellent comfort, quality and fit. So far, perfect in every way. Very happy with the prompt service too. If they wear as well as I've heard, I'll be ordering some other models soon."

- Gary Steiner, California

Dear Ralph and All at Russell, "Just received my new Art Carter Chukkas and they are a perfect fit...comfortable too. Your efforts are appreciated."

- Ed Walter, New York

"I wanted to take a moment to compliment you on my recent order of the Kangaroo Chukkas. With my large bunions on both feet, these are the best that you have ever done and I am very grateful for your craftsmanship."

- T. Preston Shepherd, M.D. - Tennessee

"Ralph, My chukkas arrived today and I am well pleased. This 'ole Southern boy just wants to say Thanks for your help!"

- Robert Baird, Mississippi

"Dear Ralph, I want to thank you for the new boots, they fit perfectly and perform even better. They arrived the day before we took a trip to Wisconsin and we did a good amount of hiking there for a couple weeks. Also did some hiking on the way back here. Even without breaking in, they were comfortable, dry and very nice to hike in. They were a huge improvement over my old boots, they were worth waiting for, I can assure you. Again, thank you for the effort you put into this."

- Karl Kindel

“Upon arriving home I found a Russell Moccasin box waiting for me. The Premier Chukkas you made me fit perfect and they look great. I know I will wear them hard because they can take it. It is so nice to have room for my big toe. Thank you...thank you!”

- Henry C. Llop, Minnesota

“I needed a pair of winter shoes that could stand up to harsh winters and tough conditions. Winters are tough on my footwear because I work in a Chevrolet dealership and am constantly inside and outside, walking on greasy shop floors, in snow and ice. I never had a pair of shoes that would last more than one season. The Premier Chukkas you made for me are perfect.”

- Randy Iten, Wisconsin

“I want to say how terrific my Art Carter Traveling Sportsman Chukkas are. They are as close to perfect as can be. Also, my boat shoes which I have had for eight years and which you have resoled once. No one makes moccasins like you do.”

- Carl Kline

“I just came back from a long walk in my new Art Carters. I want you to know that they are comfortable and I am so pleased with the craftsmanship. Thanks for your kind attention. Until the next pair --”

- Craig Landy

“I bought my first pair of Russell boots back in 1970 at Marshall Fields in Chicago. That was back when the 7th floor was the sporting goods department and you were greeted by a huge stuffed Kodiak bear and other large animals as you exited the elevator. Boy, those were the days! Since I have had the pleasure to own, and still wear, a pair of your moccasins, Cavaliers, South 40’s and now a brand new pair of Art Carter Chukkas. After I had worn the Art Carter’s for a couple days they naturally took on the shape of my feet. Now they’ve become, like all my other Russells, ‘good friends of my feet.’ You will surely hear from me again.”

- Robert W. Smith

“I am a fishing manager with the Orvis Company. I bought a pair of Russell’s Art Carter Traveling Sportsman Chukkas four years ago. These babies are the best shoes I have ever worn. I have worn them every day since and they have held up superbly and I am so happy that you made them so well. Thank you for doing such a great job.”

- Cary R. Greene
Orvis, Inc.

“Love those Art Carters. They feel like I was born in them. Love the oxfords; love the moccasins. But if I had to pick only one pair of shoes to wear the rest of my life, it would be those Art Carters. Man, what a boot!”

- Rodger Barnes

“I recently purchased a pair of Art Carter Traveling Sportsmans and they are absolutely great. The fit, craftsmanship and style are even better than advertised. In addition, I requested rush service and they came in right on time. I live and work in Columbia, (a rugged environment to say the least), and I am sure that I finally found the right company for my needs."

- Bill Oliphant