"I was lucky enough to obtain a gift certificate for the Safari Mbogo "PH" boots. If they are anything like the pair of VSOP Alligator-Ostrich chukka boots you made for me I will be ecstatic. The VSOP Premier Chukkaa are one of the best looking shoes to be found anywhere. And talk about comfortable! I wore them all day long the day after I received them in the mail and my feet still felt great at the end of the day. People are always asking me about them and complimenting their looks. Wish I could get a dollar for everyone I tell about your company."

"Dear Ralph,

I want to thank you for the new boots--they fit perfectly and perform even better. They arrived the day before we took a trip to Wisconsin and we did a good amount of hiking there for a couple weeks. Also did some hiking on the way back here. Even without breaking in, they were comfortable, dry and very nice to hike in. They were a huge improvement over my old boots---they were worth waiting for, I can assure you. Again, thank you for the effort you put into this."

- Karl Kindel

“Upon arriving home I found a Russell Moccasin box waiting for me. The Premier Chukkas you made me fit perfect and they look great. I know I will wear them hard because they can take it. It is so nice to have room for my big toe. Thank you...thank you!”

- Henry C. Llop

“I needed a pair of winter shoes that could stand up to harsh winters and tough conditions. Winters are tough on my footwear because I work in a Chevrolet dealership and am constantly inside and outside, walking on greasy shop floors, in snow and ice. I never had a pair of shoes that would last more than one season. The Premier Chukkas you made for me are perfect.”

- Randy Iten