"I just wanted to let you know that I love the Mountain "PH" boots you made for me. They're a whole new experience in footwear. They feel like slippers, yet they're the most rugged boots I've ever worn. I put them to the extreme test a couple of weeks ago when I wore them mountain lion
hunting and they still look brand new. Any other boot would look pretty bad after that. I've never had a lot of money but I had wanted to try a pair of your boots for years, but felt I couldn't afford them. The money was well spent. In fact, I'm thinking of ordering another pair. They feel so good I hate to take them off. I'd wear them to bed if my wife would let me."

- Tom MacNab

Steve Williamson and his son, Jack, of New Orleans, who just returned from a South African safari, stopped by the Russell Moccasin booth at the 2003 Dallas Safari Club Convention to tell Russell how much they liked their Russell Safari "PH" boots. Steve said, "We just wanted you to know how well these boots worked out for Jack and me." Jack and his Dad were both measured for a custom fit at the Dallas Safari Club Convention in 2002. Jack is a fine example of a second generation hunter... well behaved and appreciative of the experiences and opportunities his father has provided him. It is always a pleasure to greet Jack and Steve in our booth. We commend Steve for including Jack in his outdoor endeavors.

“Three years ago we purchased the Mountain "PH" professional hunting boots from Russell. We have worn them in every type of terrain from the Okavango Delta to the Waterburg Mountainsand not once have we regretted our choice of Russell boots over all the outdoor boots and shoes available.We are replacing the soles this year for the first time and only because we would like to try the crepe sole because of how quiet they are. Their repair and return service in this endeavor has been quite superb. Russell Moccasin takes care of every client personally and being avid hunters themselves, they understand the need for good quality, comfortable and protective hunting boots. We are loyal customers of Russell Moccasin's and will continue to be for many years to come."

Garry & Sean Kelly
Professional Hunters
Bonwa Phala Safaris
South Africa

“I own several pairs of Russell boots which I wear on job sites, but my new Ostrich and Kangaroo Safari PH boots that you custom made for me have quickly become my very favorite pair. The kangaroo and ostrich is very light and soft. On my trip to Scotland I basically wore them everywhere, with a jacket to restaurants and other social outings, and all the outdoor activities. I never once had sore feet. I love the way they hug and support my ankles and that it feels like I am walking on air. I am definitely a happy customer and I can’t say enough about the quality of your boots and the very courteous and friendly way you do business.”

- Jack Douglas