"I bought my first pair of Russell boots in the early 1970's. Loved them. Finally gave them to a friend of mine who recently had you resole them. Now he wears them and loves them! Last year at the Dallas Safari Club Convention I bought a new pair of Minimalist Country Squire Signature South 40's. The guy in the booth who helped me recommended a low profile heel-- 1/4". The boots arrived and sat in my closet for months. Then I hunted in them I LOVE MY NEW BOOTS!"

Stuart B. Shaw - Texas

"My Prickly Pear Birdshooters arrived today. They're AWESOME! Thank you for your great service. I have been wearing them everywhere since I got them this morning. I live on an island off the tip of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico. Do you know how many looks you can get when wearing 12" snake-boots, a T-shirt, and fishing shorts on a tropical island where flip-flops are the normal shoes of choice. Now I gotta' find some long, thick thorns and a snake for a field test . . . right? Thanks again. I am already planning my next order."

Rodney McConnell - Texas

"Dear Russell Moccasin,

Just received my new Signature South 40 Birdshooters yesterday and I can not tell you how incredibly comfortable these boots are!! Good Lord! They are like wearing a pair of socks. The most comfortable of all of my 60-plus pairs of Russell’s!

As you know I had this pair of boots made to replace my original South 40 Birdshooters that went missing after 29 years of hard service. Thousands of miles walked, tens of thousands of birds of birds taken over no fewer than six bird dog’s lives. I thought they were the pinnacle of achievement.

No more!

This pair of Signature South 40’s, the new and improved version, are without a doubt the most comfortable pair of boots, shoes or moccasins I have ever owned in my life! Even more so than the ostrich loafers you have made for me. Even more so than my 30 year old Oneida Moccasins! Unbelievable is what they are. They are like wearing a pair of socks or walking barefoot.

You made them on the Munson Army Last and equipped them with a flat, grippy Vibram Newporter Sole (my favorite new sole), with only a 1/4-inch heel wedge. After I treated them with Obenauf’s last night and two more times early this morning and allowed them to sit in the sun for the product to absorb, I decided to strap them on about 2:30 p.m. today. What a delight!

I have been wearing them in my office ever since...with shorts and wool socks. I have walked around my driveway and in the grass, on boulders in 95 degree heat and they are just fantastic! I can’t say enough. You hit the ball out of the park!

Even though some might discount this report from me...given that I have prepared your advertising and marketing materials for more than 30 years...thinking that I might have a “vested interest” in Russell...bear in mind, the original South 40 Birdshooter was my concept and design.
The original pales into insignificance when compared to the new Signature South 40 built on the Munson Last with the Newporter sole! (I am now glad I lost my original pair!).

Fabulous job! Stupendous product. Flexible. Comfortable. Lightweight. They are everything any serious birdshooter could ever ask for. These will obsolete every other bird hunting boot in the world! I am convinced of this after only having worn them for only a couple hours."

Richard M. Sanders
TIffin Hill Marketing -Wisconsin

“ I received my Signature South 40 Birdshooters that I ordered from you at the Dallas Safari Club show.   I was tired of upper end boots, (Browning, Filson, etc.), coming apart in the field so I went all out...heel counters, toe caps, Air Bob soles, upper ankle supports.   To say they were worth the wait is a gross understatement. They fit perfect.   The minute I opened the box they oozed quality.  Reminded me of the first time I looked through a pair of Zeiss binocular or used a Winchester Model 21 shotgun.   I will never go back to a lesser product.    I just ordered a pair of Safari PH’s--can’t wait to get them.   I am now a customer for life!”

John Goodwin - Texas

"I would like to comment on how wonderful your Imperial boots are! I found these amazing boots, (more than 10 years old), when I was digging through my Dad's closed and low and behold, I find an old pair of boots. I asked my Dad about and and he asked me if they fit. They fit perfect! I still wear them today. These are the best boots you'ever find. I'm not a hunter but I take these boots on every hike or outdoor expedition I go on, in any type of terrain or weather. I wear them through soggy bottomlands and even take them out in some of our Wisconsin snow,
(with warm socks of course). They're still great, even after all of those years of use, no repairs whatsoever. If you're an outdoorsman, these are the boots for you!"

Zach Roth-Reynolds - Wisconsin

"Well...I got my Judy Boots. Out of the box I have to say they are the best looking boots I've ever seen. I slipped them on, thinking that the first thing I would have do is wear them for days as I have to with every other pair of footwear I own, so they would stretch out enough that I wouldn't feel my neuroma, (pinched nerve between the 3rd and 4th toe). I didn't feel a thing. Just a snug boot that folds around my foot like a glove. These boots are so good looking that I am loathe to take them in the field, although I will. I have to tell you that in the last two years I have given away three pairs of over-the-counter boots made in size 4E, (my width). And these were not cheap boots, averaging $150 to $200 each. The trouble with my feet is that my 4E is in the toe box area and over-the-counter boot makers just don't make boots like that. So what did I save? Nothing. Actually my Judy Boots come cheap, considering the fact that they look good, are insanely comfortable and will outlast any over-the-counter boot. I know this, my new Judy Boots are going to be for going out to dinner...after the hunt."

Dennis Manuel - California

"I would like to express my sincere thanks for crafting such a superb pair of boots as my South 40 Birdshooters. While it is difficult to impart the quality of these boots in writing, (you really have to wear them afield to understand), I can say that your boots are the most comfortable and versatile I have worn. I am a professional research herpetologist; finding and catching venomous Australian snakes requires a special class of agile yet durable footwear, that performs in hard country. Over the years I have purchased many brands of "top-shelf" boots only to be consistently disappointed. But I now have the solution. Russell Moccasin is the first company to not just meet, but surpass my requirements for a boot that can ascend rugged mountains for days, climb trees, wade streams and more, yet retain their function as to allow me to capture potentially deadly snakes. I also hunt in them in my spare time in amazing, slipper-like comfort even in inclement conditions. Buying a different brand of footwear is not a viable option once you have worn Russell Moccasins. My partner thinks they look cool too, which is a bonus although she refuses to let me sleep in them."

Scott van Barneveld,, - University of Sydney, Australia

" I called to tell you well the South 40 Birdshooters performed on a tough hunt in the rain forest. Walked many miles in them...lots of moisture.
My Professional Hunter was impressed."

"Dow" Dollar --AR

"In 2008 and 2009 I wore two different pairs Schnee's boots up here and had soaking wet feet in a light drizzle. Today I walked in 4 inches of water for the better part of 4 hours wearing Russel's and have perfectly dry feet. I'm always impressed when someone knows what they're doing. A just conclusion."


"I ordered a pair of Oneida slip-on moccasins which I wear daily. As I write I am awaiting a pair of "Short" P. H. series boots. I have worn many pairs of name brand boots with none of them close to the comfort of a Russell Moccasin. They truely feel like a moccasin. Just a few days ago the 2010 Turkey season opened here in North Dakota. My turkey hunt found me putting on several miles a day. Last year, 2009, I traveled the same country with more foot pain. Do to the fact I had a great pair of Russell Moccasins I was able to cover more ground & stalk much quieter. My Russell Signature South 40's made my hunt more enjoyable. I look forward to putting on my Russell Moccasins everyday. Do to this fact I was able to get into a remote area & harvest a 20.5 lb./ 5 bearded gobbler. Thanks for a great product."

Jeff Bren- North Dakota

"I cannot tell you how happy I am with the fit and feel of my new Signature Sout 40 boots. I am just tickled at the quality. Leigh loves her shoes too. You have made a couple 'return' customers for life. Congratulations on making such a fine product, and in the USA to 'boot.' (sorry ... probably heard that before)."

Vic Venters, Senior Editor, Shooting Sportsman

“I am writing in regards to the Russell South 40 boots I purchased in 2007. Since I bought these boots I have worn them almost every day doing a wide variety of things. I am a guide and also a fence contractor so I have to have a pair of boots that fit good and are comfortable and hold up to the torture I put them through. I guide for elk, mule deer and whitetail and I put on a ton of miles in tough country and the South 40’s never let me down. The following year I wore them throughout the summer building fence in some of Montana’s roughest country and once again they performed without a flaw. In 2008 I don’t think I ever took them off. I started archery hunting antelope in August and used them hard in sagebrush flats infested with snakes and prickly pears. In September I went to Alaska where I guided moose hunters and my Russell’s were still there every step of the way. My point is, I have really used these boots hard and not once have they let me down. The quality is amazing. I tell anyone who asks how great your boots are. As far as I’m concerned they are the best there is!”

John Shively-MT

"I bought a pair of your boots in the late 80’s and needed a replacement pair because my feet had gotten a little larger over the years and the old boots were a little snug. I ordered a pair of your Signature South 40 boots prior to a bird-hunting trip to Montana this past October. The boots felt as if they had already been broken in when I put them on and walked around to break them in prior to the trip. In retrospect, I am not sure the break in was necessary though prudent with any new footwear. We were hunting within sixty or so miles of Glendive, MT and experienced a wet slushy snow of about ½ - 1 inch deep on our first day in the field. The snow clung to our boots and lower trouser legs throughout the morning and early into the afternoon before melting due to rising temperatures. We hunted for about 2-3 hours in the morning before returning to the truck for lunch, etc. My Signature South 40’s were doing fine but my two hunting companions did not experience the same good fortune concerning their boots. One of my companions was wearing name brand boots seen in all of the outdoor store catalogues and on sporting goods store shelves. They were a decent pair of boots lined with a Gore-Tex. However his socks were soaked and he had to take them off and dry them out with the vehicle’s heater. My other companion was wearing a different brand of boots and his feet were also wet (no Gore-Tex lining) though he contributed his problem with old boots that needed replacing. The inside of my boots were only a little damp from foot perspiration. My friends could not believe how dry my boots were on the inside. These Signature South 40’s are worth every dollar and absolutely the best boots I have ever owned. I have told all of my hunting friends about your boots and would tell anyone that hunts or enjoys the outdoors that no one makes a better boot than Russell Moccasin Co."

Bill Erwin -SC

"The South 40 boots I purchased from you were the best piece of gear I took to Africa. I have to admit I had not properly broken them in and only had a few miles on them prior to leaving for Namibia. Not having hunted in Africa before I did not expect to be putting many miles on them, boy was I wrong!!! I hiked 20 miles in 2 days through the mountains going after a Mountain Zebra and my feet were in complete comfort. What a difference custom fitted boots make! They were quiet, performed well with the steep inclines, and kept my feet dry walking through the river bottoms. Caked with dirt now they definitely do not look like they just came out of the box and are well broke in! Thanks again for making such great products."

John Houghton, Trijicon Inc. - Michigan

"Attached are a couple pictures of me and my ram. I have really enjoyed my Russell boots. This past fall I’ve worn them exclusively, mostly pheasant hunting in North Dakota. In short order I’ve put many many miles on them. I’ve never had a pair of boots feel so good to wear. If I ever wear them out I’ll be ordering another pair. Just think I’ve spent the last 30 years wearing boots that didn’t fit right. Now I know better! I’m back in the Yukon this fall for Dall Sheep. My Russell’s will be with me once again. Hopefully this time I’ll have them on my feet when I find the big one."
Drew Goodlin
Director of Technology, ATK Commercial Products - MN

"Attached is a picture of "me and my bear". I killed this bear May 18th in the Duck Mountain area of Manitoba. Preliminary measurements show it will easily surpass the Boone & Crockett 20" minimum. This is a magnificent bear irrespective of his skull. The usual hunting footgear (for bear hunting), is all rubber boots. I can not and will not wear those style boots. I've used your point on the propopolis dressing, (Obenauf's Heavy Duty Leather Preservative)...that it's a lot more natural smelling than rubber boots, to placate my friend and outfitter. A close look at the photo will show i am wearing my "South 40" upland boots. The South 40's are water proof enough to suit me and enabled me to climb into a tree stand with some agility. For those interested in my rifle, it is a very nice Dakota with an English walnut stock in .330 Dakota. At an estimated 450-500 lbs the bear only moved straight down. I prefer to do my hunting before I shoot. I know what works and what is comfortable, I prefer nice walnut rifle stocks and Russell Boots."

Fred Wentling - Pennsylvania

“Over the past two seasons I have been using the Russell Moccasin Prickly Pear thorn & snakebite resistant boots.  Why is this such a big deal?  Real simple; I live and hunt in one of the most desolate and inhospitable areas of the US - The high-desert plains of West Texas.  We hold the title for things that poke, puncture and bite. Thus my request to Russell a few years back for a boot that could get me through the hunting season with my feet and calves in tact after being attacked day after day by the desert flora and fauna.  As a former endurance athlete and an avid, if not the most aggressive Blue quail hunter in these parts (I average over 50 days in the field per season) the health of my feet and protection from venomous reptiles is critical. You see, I hunt on foot and average around   1 mile of walking / running per covey - I actually proved this once using a GPS….And, as a conservationist I will only take between 1-2 birds per covey…With a limit of 15 birds and the aforementioned, you can do the math….after a season my boots have been put to the test - Russell has passed this test….2 seasons in and I am happy to report zero punctures, blisters, foot or ankle problems of any kind.  Keep in mind that I take this sport seriously after all, this I how I make my living.  AS the founder, president and CEO of Texas Hunt Company gear development and testing is my vocation - I have no patience for any gear, guns, ammunition or shooting partners that are not first rate.  When it comes to my equipment cost is no object  I'm after performance- especially when it comes to something as vital as footwear.  You can't get that kind of performance from cheap, improperly fitted import goods made from second-rate materials.  The deal is this:  Bad feet equals a bad day in the field and having bad feet becomes the gift that keeps on giving….giving you hell!  Unlike a missed shot, or a dog that overran a bunch of birds - having bad feet makes the whole experience afield a lesson in misery - No thanks!  I'll invest in the best and get the best results.  Russell gives me the fit form and function to take on the worst Mother Nature has to give by being made from the best materials she has to offer!  Custom made to my specifications and to my dimensions - By recommending these boots it's almost like I'm giving away a trade secret!”

Jeff Wemmer -- President & CEO, Texas Hunt Co., Texas

“I've bought several pairs of your boots and I'm delighted with each and every pair!  I've told many of my friends and hunting companions about your product, including my excellent friend, RT Green of Ft. Wayne, who just ordered 4 pair for himself and his sons.  I'm certain he will be as delighted as I am.  My most recent pair are your extra light weight Signature South 40 Bird Shooters with your logo engraved, un insulated.  They are oh so.............................comfortable.  I just love them!   Thank you for your totally excellent product.  I can assure I will never, never, never, never get any other boots!   Your loyal patron,”

Buzz McTurnan

“I have just been through the rainiest September and October on record here in Minnesota, much of which was spent in the field chasing birds in my new Signature South 40 Birdshooters.  With all the rain, I frequently found myself sloshing through flooded woods and swamps awash with storm water.  The new boots met that challenge admirably, unbelievable for a leather boot.  They still look great after a month of hard hunting, fit well, and still seem to keep the water out.  The new style soles get great traction and don't bring in a lot of mud. Thanks for a great pair of boots that fit!”

Charlie Schlatter -- Minnesota

“I have hunted my South 40’s through water, mud, ice, muck, jagged cut-overs, dew-soaked brier stands and all other terrain -- and my feet have yet to be cut, mashed, bruised or wet.  With just a little regular care, the boots are nothing short of incredible.”

Robert Rehder -- North Carolina

“I just received the South 40 Birdshooters and wanted to send you a thank you note.  Thank  you for a great pair of boots that fit well.  I have had a lot of custom fitted dress boots in my lifetime, so I know when a pair fits right.  Please tell everyone that worked on these thanks for a great job!  I really appreciate you taking care of this for me.  I will be walking in comfort this year!!”

Lynn O’Banion

“I received my Birshooters via UPS this morning.  Many thanks for your good services.  I have tried the boots on and THE FIT IS PERFECT!!!!  Absolutely no breakin required.  These boots will be on a bird hunt Saturday.  The rest of my boots will be going to the Salvation Army or Goodwill next week!!”

Stephen Everett - Louisiana

“A little praise for your firm’s products.  I have probably walked 10,000 miles in my pair of short double vamp McIntosh Birdshooters -- enough for a second set of soles.  I work as gardener and I walk behind a lawn mower a great part of the year.  When not walking and mowing I am watering -- and thoroughly soaking my feet. Only your boots have survived this treatment.  And that fact they they were still in good condition for a second set of soles testifies to their  quality.  Going on a hunting trip is as much a vacation for them as myself.  Nevertheless, they are not my most comfortable shoes.  that title is reserved for my Russell Tracker Moccasins...the finest shoes ever.”

Stephen H. Bell -- Texas

“Just a note say how good the Prickly Pear Birdshooter boots are.  This year I wore them in Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, California and Arizona.  I hunted all six species of North American quail and chukar and they performed perfectly in all types of terrain and rocks, cactus, sand and vegetation, from the Cimmaron River in Colorado to the mountains of Nevada and Idaho.  I did not encounter any snakes with them yet.  Again, thanks for a perfect boot.”

Bob Cook - Mississippi

“I did not realize the huge difference between the South 40 Birdshooter and my old boots from another manufacturer until recently when my South 40’s were stolen.  I wore the other boots for a day and realized immediately why I spent the extra money on Russell boots.  Fortunately I have another pair of Russell Kangaroo Birdshooters that will suffice until I can get my South 40’s replaced for the really rough stuff and long walks.  I can say with absolute certainty that the South 40 is the best pair of boots that I have ever owned at any price.   Don’t waste your money on the other brands.   They are trash compared to the Russell line.  Thanks for a great product.”

Chris Venable - North Carolina

"Almost 10 years old. I need new soles. What is the cost to resole and maybe do a little stitching where needed?  Time is not a consideration, here.  By the way- my will designates that I will be buried in my South 40 Birdshooters.”

John C Farrell

“I received my South 40 Birdshooters today. I laced them up and tried them on and I was very pleasantly surprised. These are the best fitting, most comfortable boots or shoes I have ever put on right out of the box. I will, of course, put them to the test while bird hunting as soon as possible and then report again. For now, I am very impressed.”

Michael Hurst

“December 31 was the last day of pheasant hunting. On opening day in November I wore my South 40 Birdshooters. We started at sunrise and hunted until sunset. In the past I would hunt until my feet begged me to stop. I did not miss a day hunting nor did my Russell boots. They were like wearing slippers. I like them so much I even wear them when my wife and I go out for our 3-mile walk.”

Sgt. Charles Scalzo

"I have been meaning to write you for weeks.  I want to tell you how much I love the new South 40 boots you made for me.  They are by far the most comfortable hunting boot I have ever worn.  As you know, my work has me walking many days in the fields with customers on hunting trips and wearing your boots makes the walks seem short.  While the other guys complain about their boots being heavy and stiff, I just smile and say, "Russell!"  It is nice to know that there are still companies that strive to make a product that will ensure their customer's loyalty for years.  I will be ordering a pair of every day shoes from you shortly."

- Warner Neal, President, Outdoor Events -- Georgia

"I got my custom South 40's today and I can make you this promise:  The only two things in the world that smell better than the leather on a new pair of Russell boots is my wife's perfume and my mamma's cookin'.  Thanks again for a good fittin' pair of boots."

- Cam Smith

"I just received my South 40 Birdshooters last night and was so impressed with them I decided to wear them to work. Regardless of price I think I have found the last boots I'll ever buy. Now I want a pair for work alone, and keep my hunting boots for hunting. Is it possible to get a South 40 boot in a 6" height, or do you offer a similar boot with the Phoenix wedge sole that would better suited to all the standing and walking I do on a construction site.  A 6" double vamp boot would be ideal. Lastly how does the French veal leather hold up? Is it durable enough to use on this type of boot"?

- Michael Liechty, California

The South 40 Birdshooter boots purchased last fall are thoroughly being enjoyed. Since going to the trouble to make another pair that fit significantly better than the first, I felt you were due some feed back on performance. After received this second pair in early December, there have been many miles walked over the mountainous terrain of Greenbrier Country, WV, pursuing the elusive Ruffed Grouse. The boots are very comfortable, having been worn in rain, mud, snow, with performance that can only be rated as excellent. Finally, the Vibram Sierra soles which you recommended were absolutely the right choice for my use. Again, thanks for getting involved with the problems of the first pair. The attention to customer satisfaction with your product is greatly appreciated."

- Bill Blake, West Virginia

"I received my custom made South 40 "Gold Prospector" boots yesterday and they are all I had hoped for and more. I am going to spread the world amongst the gold metal detecting community and tell them to order the "Gold Prospector" boots from Russell. Thank you for having such an outstanding company."

- Chris Hays

NOTE: Mr. Hays ordered a special pair of South 40 Birdshooters made without the normal metal lacing eyelets as the eyelets would interfere with Mr. Hays metal detector.

"I love my Russell South 40s. Now on their second set of soles , they are the most comfortable footwear I have ever owned. The WeatherTuff leather has that incredible breathability that makes my usually damp feet feel dry even in these 'waterproof' boots."

- Paul Glassen, British Columbia

“Since getting my Russells, I’ve worn them on a black bear hunt in Manitoba, a caribou hunt in Northern Quebec and a whitetail hunt on Anticosta Island in Quebec. They will again accompany me this fall as I head to Northern Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Illinois, Alabama and Mississippi for whitetails. I am tremendously impressed with your boots. I know I've never worn a better, or a more comfortable pair of hunting boots."

- Larry Weishuhn, Wildlife Biologist/Outdoor Writer

“Finally I have my new Russell boots and they are terrific. With my odd sized feet, Russell was my only answer. It’s obvious why your reputation is so strong.”

- Rick Vida

“Thank you very much for my South 40 boots. You were able to come through and get them to me prior to my hunting trip. I was a little leery at first as I’ve never ordered boots, nor have I had moccasin type boots before. I wore them around the house a few days and didn’t decide to take them on my trip until the morning I departed. In short I’m very glad I did take them. They are the most comfortable boot I’ve ever worn. They molded to my foot and are very nice to wear all day. I’ll be a repeat customer for years to come. Thanks for a well made boot that is constructed with pride and craftsmanship.”

- Kenneth J. Tebbe, Captain, USAF

“I just received my boots and am most delighted. I slept in them the first night, (my wife was pretty mad).”

- Tim Walker

“I am very happy with my South 40 Birdshooters. The fit is wonderful. I wore them on a late season New England pheasant hunt in a mix of sleet, freezing rain and pouring rain and my feet remained dry and comfortable.”

- Mary Sharkey

“Dr. Bob Walter, Dr. Jack Walter and I hunted Friday in rain, thunder and hail; Saturday in heavy rain and a 40 mph wind; and sunshine on Sunday in the South Dakota mud. Every step of the hunt was in complete comfort. Neither Bob nor Jack had ever owned such comfortable boots. It was so nice to just hose them off when we finished hunting and wear them home on the plane. Thank you for a great trip. I will wear Russells forever.”

-Dr. Norman Carter

“Back in 1996 I purchased a pair of your South 40 Birdshooter boots. They are the best pair of upland boots I have ever worn, by far. As an upland hunting guide, I have gone through a lot of boots. I need boots that will not only take the abuse and punishment of thick covers, but will also afford me with all day comfort, day after day, throughout the season. Your boots have done the job and are still going strong.”

- O.J. Chartrand, Jr., Adventure Guide Service

“What is there to say except they are the best! There are only two places I don’t wear my Russells--in the shower or to bed. Just this week I participated in a 3-hour 6,200-bird driven bird shoot where I stood for over three hours in snow, water and cold. I had my Russell South 40 Birdshooters on almost 18 hours that day. My feet were warm, dry, and most of all, comfortable. Russells are the best boot buy on the market because you only buy them once and that’s for life.”

- Marc Bily

“This past year I asked your company to build me a pair of South 40 Birdshooters. I have to admit I had some apprehension in ordering as I do a great deal of bird hunting every year in all sorts of conditions. I was concerned about the waterproof qualities of your boots because you don’t use Gore Tex. I generally go through a pair of boots about every other year, so the durability issue was important as well. I have to tell you that I couldn't be happier with the product. Your boots deliver on every promise. The fit is excellent, they are genuinely waterproof and their durability is outstanding. After the first season they look almost new and haven't leaked a drop. I look forward to receiving my new pair of Safari PH’s.”

- Robert Reko