"Just wanted to say hank you for the boots - they are awesome. Very close to "barefoot" walking. Friday I wore them around the house, Saturday I walked 2 miles and wore them to work, they are so comfortable! Today I walked 6 miles and did some snowshoeing also. Again COMFORTABLE! Since wearing the 5 FingerVibrams I have not found a "shoe" that is comfortable - until now. I plan on wearing the boots until the weather is warm enough for the Vibrams. And I will certainly use the boots for hiking this year in the White Mts. I am so looking forward to it! Please keep my measurements on file, I will be ordering again!"

Karen Gordon - New Hampshire

"Just received my first order last night, the 7 inch Minimalist Thula Thula's and after wearing them all day long, I wanted to get back with you and let you know how happy I am with them. They fit perfectly - very comfortabe - the craftsmanship is very good. I can't wait to get the 4 inch pair in a couple months."

Tim Gifford - Texas

"I would like to have the enclosed pair of Thula Thula's, (made in 2009), resoled and repaired as necessary. Since purchasing these shoes they have been worn almost daily due to the comfort they have afforded my feet. As a result of the Thula Thula's I am a hage proponent of minimalist footwear. Since I have owned these shoes I have worn them nearly every day. I can not say enough about the shoes and the impact, (or perhaps the lack thereof), that they have had on my feet and back. They are truly awesome!"

Charles Davis - Texas

"I received my Thula Thulas and have been wearing them nonstop. The workmanship and leather are top-notch. Superb!
Thank you."

Bill Reynolds -- Washington

Jeff Wemmer, President and CEO of Monahans, TX-based Texas Hunt Co put one of the early pairs of Thula Thula “PHs” through its paces in the rugged and unforgiving High Plains of West Texas during the spring, summer and fall of 2007. Wemmer, a former endurance athlete was training in the desert for a difficult mountain elephant hunt in Zimbabwe. He continued to test his original pair of Thula Thula “PH” boots during his rigorous dove and quail hunting regimine during the fall and winter of 2007, logging well over 100 foot-miles.
Wemmer reports “Wearing the Thula Thula “PH”s is like walking barefoot. They provide great feedback from the ground. They're the quietest shoe I have ever worn. And most comfortable!” Another thing I noticed is that I don't skip the toe of the boot in brush like I would with a shoe with a sole and midsole. I think you really have something here with the lower profile. These are better than anything I have ever worn.”
Well known author, highly regarded big game hunter and host of Gander Mountain's Tracks Across Africa TV Show Craig Boddington was also a Thula Thula “PH” test pilot.
“I've been wearing them constantly since receiving them. I can't keep them off my feet! Not only is the Thula Thula is incredibly comfortable and quiet; they allow you to have a unique feel for the ground, the perfect stalking boot-yet tough enough to keep thorns at bay and comfortable enough to wear all day. I'm looking forward to closing on elephants in the Thula Thula.”