"The first thing my partner said when she saw my new Russell Trackers was, "You should keep them as your 'good' shoes, the look great!" My response
was a simple apology and that "These are extreme-use hunting boots." But I do agree that they look very formal in black WeatherTuff leather. I have
harshly tested them afield before posting my appreciation, so that I can more accurately report on their performance. These are the best and most comfortable
tracking boots I could hope for; agile, sensitive and silent, yet easily capable of functioning as a hiking boot, a cycling shoe, a slipper and indeed a formal shoe.
Thanks for another pair of immaculate boots, Russell Moccasin! As before I am amazed by your rare quality of craftsmanship and impeccable design."

Scott van Barneveld, PhD Researcher, School of Biological Science, University of Sidney - Australia

"I just wanted to take a moment and send you a great big thank you. The Russell Trackers you sent me in June have been one of the best things I ever put on my feet. So far I have worn my Trackers for daily dog walking on city streets and as much hiking as I can squeeze into each month and every time I head out my Trackers are more and more comfortable. I have even worn them for an overnight backpacking trip and had no problems carrying the weight necessary for an overnight trip. My sister, (an avid backpacker), was concerned about that because of the flexible sole in my Trackers, but I had no problems at all. Although I do have to admit that my feet were very tired after the trip I did not have any pain in my feet and my knees were in much better shape than I feared they'd be afterwards. I have suffered from chronic knee pain for several years now but the more I wear my Trackers and other minimal soled shoes the less pain I have when walking and hiking. They are so close to being barefoot but provide all the protection needed for tramping around in the Canadian Rockies, which other minimal soled shoes don't; I just can't say enough good things about them. They are also the only hiking boots I have ever owned that I do not want to rip off my feet the second I get back to my van to head home. So far I have not tired of telling everyone I meet about my custom made hiking boots and all the wonderful things they have done for me. Somehow, I suspect I won't for quite some time either."

Monica Fraser - Alberta, Canada

"Just to let you know, I LOVE my Kalahari Trackers!! I have them on right now. I have been walking all over the gravel on this base and they work fine! Nothing I have is more comfortable and natural feeling than this flexible sole...you really feel very stable and connected to the ground, a terrific feeling. Really great looking natural design too. What are those new trackers with that Army last? That sounds really great
Thanks for making something that actually improves my life in several ways...function and aesthetic and quality."

Fred CALE -Lt. Col., US Marines, Afghanistan

“I spent hours and hours looking for a moccasin style hunting boot. I found hundreds, maybe thousands of places that make native American or traditional styles, and what I call modern style moccasins. None of these appeared to be what I was looking for...a rugged hunting moccasin style boot. Then I can upon your web site. After looking through the pages I came across your Russell Trackers. There were very close to what I wanted. Then I read the testimonial from Ross Seyfried... "ability to turn the African thorns.” I knew then they were tough enough to be called a hunting boot. When I noticed I had options and what they were I knew my quest was over. After a few days of mulling over the choices I placed my order and they have arrived. I immediately tried them on...15” uppers with Army studs...and the boots fit perfectly! I have not had a chance to wear them hunting yet but I wear them every chance I get and to say they are comfortable would be an understatement. The quality of the leather, the fit and the level of comfort....well, I could not be more pleased. Thank you for taking the time and caring enough to provide a great product.”

Michael Freeman

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful pair of Kalahari Tracker Moccasins you made me last year. I’ve been wearing them constantly while working on my book, Yellowstone Drift, which I hope to have completed this year. The first day I wore them in camp last summer, along the river below Big Timber, I wore them without socks. Despite their rugged construction they proved to be extremely comfortable. They are durable, good looking and serve my purposes perfectly. I’ve found nothing better in over 40 years of being in the outdoors.”

Jim Holt