The Joof Boot

The Joof Boot is a new offering but its history goes back at least 10-12 years. Namibian Professional Hunter Joof Lamprecht, owner of Hunters Namibia Safaris, came to Russell many years ago at Safari Club International and requested a special tall leather triple vamp boot fitted with a flat sole. Russell custom made them for him. The next year Joof returned to the Russell booth and ordered another identical pair. Customers began requesting the same boot because they were going to Namibia to hunt with Joof.

Why did Joof want such a tall boot to hunt in a hot dry climate like Namibia. His answer was simple. “We have Black Hook Thorns here that will shred your pants if you don’t tuck your pants into a tall boot. The tall boot, (14”), made from tough leather protects your leg and your pants.”

And why the flat sole? “We also have Devil Thorns that stick to the bottoms of your boots. When you go indoors and they fall off xif you ever step on one with bare is not good.”

In 2009 Russell’s marketing director traveled to Namibia to hunt and test boots with Jofie Lamprecht, Joof’s oldest son. Prior to leaving we built him an improved model of Joof’s boot. It was made much the same...14 inches high, lacing studs to the top, flat sole and made from tough waterproofed WeatherTuff® leather...but with a few improvements.

For starters we made it a two-tone, reddish brown 6-1/2 oz bull hide with a green Weather Tuff toe piece. The uppers are lined with a water proof lining. We also built it with a tough leather toe cap to protect the toe from premature wear in the thorns. Next added a Poron high density technical foam insert between the layers of leather to absorb shock. We also wanted to try a new Vibram® sole that we had just begun using called the Newporter. The Newporter has better traction than the original sole but it is still a flat sole fitted to a thin wedge midsole. And...we added a back pull loop to make it easier to pull the boot on.

The report from the field was all positive. The “Joof Boot”, as we have named it, protected our boot tester’s pants and legs. The boot was superbly comfortable for all day treks in the thorns. The toe cap did its job and turned even the nastiest thorns and the new sole...which Joof looked at askance...did its job and didn’t pick up many Devil Thorns. The Newporter Sole is a super long wearing sole that will outlast the Vibram Multipurpose Sole that Joof originally speced by several times. With Joof, Jofie and our boot tester all agreeing that this is the most perfect boot for Namibia, Russell introduces the Joof Boot for 2010.

Custom Made Only.

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The Joof Boot

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The Joof Boot