Airport and "Camp" Shoes

Given all of the airline restrictions, baggage charges, weight limits, banned substances and having to take your shoes off every time you got through the "TSA Body Search and X-Ray Drill" at airports these days, Russell suggests a pair of our Airport and Camp Shoes for the traveling hunter. The Line Lite sole are flexible and light weight. For a more cushioned "feel" add a poron slip sole. The easily slip on or off at TSA check points. No unlacing... no retying required. The Oneida's stepin moccasin design is also far more comfortable and healthier for long overseas flights as it does not restrict the instep in any way...allowing normal blood flow to your foot. Available in waterproof tan Weather Tuff™ with green trim or in a dressier version like the alligator/elephant combination. Wear them in the airport, on the plane and when it comes time to share a campfire with your PH... the Airport and Camp Shoes in the ideal campshoe.

ACS WT- Weather Tuff Waterproof Tan Weather Tuff with Green Trim - Custom Made Only

ACS - Alligator/Elephant - Custom Made Only

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Airport and "Camp" Shoes

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Airport and "Camp" Shoes