Assurance Testimonials

Assurance of Perfect Fit

assurance-photo.jpgHunted hard for many weeks. Thanksgiving weekend was cold, single digits in the am and barely to 15 during the day. My new boots with the insulation and the toe cap have become my most FAVORITE boots. The traction is amazing but the warmth and most importantly the fit are amazing. It truly feels like an extension of my foot and the insoles are perfect. I don't feel like I have in the past with other boots where I can't wait to take them off as soon as I get home.

"I wish to thank Doug for his help with my Mountain "PH" Boots. Upon initially wearing these boots I found that they hurt wher the gusset tucks inside the padded collar. When discussing this with Doug, he suggested that I return the boots, requesting that he 'bellow the gusset." I do so and he modified the boots as he'd suggested. There's no longer an problem. I'd previously had no experience with mail order service at Russell Moccasin but the service that Doug provided was everything that I could hope for."

Charles Rogers
“I received my new pair of Joe’s “PH” boots.  They are my 6th pair of Russell's.  They fit perfectly as always.  I will not wear another brand of shoes or boots.  Russell's are the most comfortable shoes and  boots I have ever owned.  I wish I would have known about your company 30 years ago.”

John Reid -- Wisconsin
“I’m not a game hunter or a captain of industry.  Just someone who discovered your products many years ago.  Your firm has made shoes, slippers and several pairs of boots for various purposes over the years for me.  To date I have never received any product that was not comfortable, long lasting and perfect for its intended purpose.  Thank you for all your years of service.  The product seems to never wear out.”

Howard Reichert
“I received the Trail Shoes last Friday and am writing to tell you how pleased I am with them.  These shoes are easily the most comfortable, well-made shoes of their type that I have ever owned.  Thank you again for being so attentive to my needs and preferences.”

Clark Tucker - New York
“My Russell's feel like bedroom slippers! They are perfect, folks...absolutely perfect. It is the only pair of shoes I have ever had in my 53 years that fit BOTH feet! The workmanship is IMPECCABLE! The materials are great. My next order will be on the way this week. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!”

Keith Joyce, North Carolina
“My wife and I attended the Safari Club International show in Reno, NV, in January, 1994. The Russell Company had a booth and exhibit at the show and was selling its products hand over fist. I spoke with a representative and told him I wanted to purchase a pair of their boots. He advised a specific model and asked for my size. I conveyed my size and pair for the boots. He offered to measure my feet and have the boots custom made for me. Always being in a hurry, I declined. The boots were promptly sent and I stored them. As fall approached I put the boots on and wore them on several forays afield. They did not fit. They were too big. My wife scolded me that I should have listened to your company representative and had the boots fit while we were at the show. Once again, my impatience cost me. In late October I returned the boots to the company and asked if they would please refit them to my feet. This time I completed the company form, outlined and measured my feet, which I should have done in the first place. The company acknowledged my boot return and stated they would be very pleased to refit the boots to my feet. In no time, I received a brand new pair of boots, handmade and of a perfect fit. There was no charge. The new boots were sent Federal Express to me in hopes that I could still use them on an upcoming jaunt afield. The boots fit perfectly and the company went out of its way to accommodate their impatient customer. Excellence in that organization? To be sure. Total quality management? Of course. A satisfied customer for life? You bet!!”

-John T. Iacopi