Birdshooter Testimonials

Yesterday the brown truck made an unexpected stop and when I saw Jody from UPS with a familiar white box I knew immediately I had an early surprise. The Russell box was 3-4 weeks early compared to the order date delivery projection (and 4-6 weeks early compared to my expectations).

The Gustin bird shooter model was released to honor one of the foundations of Russell Moccasin and the craft people at Russell have done an extraordinary job with the design and crafting of these boots.

Out of the box the fit felt really good. These boots just look elegant. I spent some time last night putting on a first coat of Obenauf. Today when I was getting ready for a doctor's appointment, I said what the heck they look better than any dress shoe so they went to the doctor's office. Wearing them for 4 hours today confirmed the fit is great and the boots are ready to wear out of the box.

Even though quail and grouse season is closed we still have a month of rabbit and squirrel season so the Signature South 40's will be cleaned and put away and these great new boots will start seeing some action. Thanks again to all of the great craft people at Russell Moccasin for making such a great product. Your grandfather would be proud.

Don Stevens
Lovingston, VA


bob-burrows1.jpgTo whom it may concern:

Today it snowed in Nashville, and I wore my Russell bird shooters.  I thought you might be interested that I purchased them about 1947.  These boots are in perfect condition, and if I could hold out, (I'm eighty-six years old), I believe these boots would last another twenty years.  Thanks for making a quality boot!


Bob Burrows
Franklin, Tn



I just received my second pair of Kangaroo South 40 Bird Shooter, with reduced height and custom eyelets.*

This style is my every day work shoe. I ordered these to alternate with my other pair so they can "rest". The only problem is the new pair looks too good to work in! I am finding the kangaroo everything it is said to be -- soft, yet durable. I use them hard, but there is not a scuff on my older pair.

I still do not know what this color is called -- it is the darker reddish color. It is much more handsome than the lighter brown. Really good looking. Also, I noted that the tongue is cowhide, rather than kangaroo as in my previous pair. This is a very good move -- let me encourage it. Kangaroo is really too thin for a good tongue.

Finally, let me put in a good word for the slip resistance of the Newporter sole. I was skeptical, but I have been all over slick ground, rocks, and even gone on long hikes in the snow out in Colorado. It is very impressive.

* I know my specifications look a bit odd, but I wanted something I can stand in all day on concrete floors, go out and cut firewood, AND be able to quickly kick them off or put them on. And it works!

Yours in appreciation,
Mark Tharp


"I was just reading your latest newsletter and saw your great article on orthotics.   I've had two pair of your fine boots since the mid 1980's and can't be more pleased.  The story line here is that in the mid 80's I was wearing prescription orthotics in my shoes and I asked you to make me a pair of boots.  You responded by telling the moccasin story and suggesting that I try the boots made for my foot and not to worry about the orthotics.  At that time you told me if I wasn't satisfied you would remake the boots.   I received the South 40 Birdshooters and wore them for an entire season without any problems.   As a matter of fact I stopped using the orthotics in my regular shoes.  Since then I've acquired a pair of High Country Hunters, again that fit my foot and not orthotics and have not had a bit of trouble.  Here we are approximately 25-30 years later.   I have not bought an orthotic for my shoes since I started wearing my Birdshooters.   Feet feel great.  Thank for you great advice then and your wise advice to orthotics wearers in the newsletter."

Pat Bissell -- Illinois


"When I got my Gentlemen's Classic Birdshooters...the one's that go up to the bottom of the kneecap...the first day I wore them I sunk my right foot two feet deep in the mud.  The next time I wore them to a survival class and for the first time found myself comfortable, running through the hills and gnarly terrain of Oregon forest, unafraid of where my foot would fall.  At that point I discovered that I could only have pulled off this level of moving comfortably in these boots and had I not been wearing them I would have had a very bad day.  I really would have felt like a barefoot man walking on the highway."

Dick Dock


"I wanted to thank you for sending me your catalogue. My father purchased some boots from you in the 1950's and although he is no longer with us, his boots are in my cupboard. Just before he died, he asked me to get them re-soled and I took them to a local cobbler. On collection the cobbler refused to charge me as "it was a tremendous pleasure" to him to work on a pair of well crafted boots and not some chinese sneakers!! I hope one day order some boots from you . My dad's old boots resemble the Birdshooters.
I still have one of his old russel moccasin leaflets as well!!"

Bryn sparks


"I have been meaning to write you for weeks.  I want to tell you how much I love the new South 40 boots you made for me.  They are by far the most comfortable hunting boot I have ever worn.  As you know, my work has me walking many days in the fields with customers on hunting trips and wearing your boots makes the walks seem short.  While the other guys complain about their boots being heavy and stiff, I just smile and say, "Russell!"  It is nice to know that there are still companies that strive to make a product that will ensure their customer's loyalty for years.  I will be ordering a pair of every day shoes from you shortly."

Warner Neal, President, Outdoor Events -- Georgia
"Having just placed an online rush order for a pair of Birdshooter boots, included in this mailing is a copy of my foot/ankle/calf measurements and foot tracing.  Thank you for your attention to detail on my order and, literally, for existing in this ear of mass-production.  It's nice to know I have a choice in sporting footwear."

Craig Giudici, California
"I just ordered a pair of South 40 Birdshooters five or six months ago. Love them. Best boots I ever wore. This second pair is more for work as I am not happy with my old (work boots) now."

David Brace -- Pennsylvania
“My father is 58 and he owns a pair of Russell Birdshooters. He has owned them for about 20 years, had them resoled about five times and still wears them daily. He recently purchased a new pair of Birdshooters and is extremely satisfied with them. Although I believe he is going to wait until his old boots bust out on him to actually use the new ones. Your boots are the best.”

Tom Milner
“I want to thank you for the rush service on my new Russell Birdshooters. I have already walked a hundred miles after quail in them, and they are no less than perfect. Frankly, I had my doubts about ordering shoes by mail, but now I know I need have no reservations when it comes to Russells.”

Joanne Dugue
“I received my boots yesterday and the fit is super, even though we had to trace my foot twice and send a letter to you explaining how I wanted the boots to fit. It is well worth the extra effort you and I put into getting the fit I wanted. This is my second pair of Russell’s and my wife also has a pair of your boots. All fit like a glove. Thanks for your excellent support.”

Roy Weeks, President Rocky Mountain Chapter, North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association