Make Your Feet Happier and Healthier

Posted by Russell Moccasin Company on 28th Apr 2016

Muson Army Last

Enjoy the benefits of custom made moccasin boots and shoes made over the famous Munson Army Last. The Munson last features minimalist principles such as flat soles or soles with ¼ inch heel wedges.Dr. Munson invented the Army last and states, “the only people with perfect feet are baby’s and pigmies because they don’t wear shoes!”Russell Moccasinfootwear made over the Munson Last and featuring minimalist principles is the closest to replicating “GOING BAREFOOT” while still offering protection and support for your feet. Our flexible flat soles, or soles with a ¼ inch heel wedge in combination with the Munson Last allow your feet to move in a more natural way and at the same time helps to strengthen them. Read more about the Munson Army Last here(insert link)

Some of the styles and patterns that are available with the Munson Last are:

  • Kangaroo Top Chukka
  • Huron Moccasin
  • Signature South Forty
  • Safari Styles

Try a custom ordered pair today and make your feet happy!