Boot & Shoe Repairs

It has been said that a pair of Russell boots never wear out...they’re a once in a lifetime purchase.

While that may not always be true, (some of our customers actually do wear them out), in most instances our talented repair department can usually breath new life into a pair of heavily worn Russell’s. We can replace worn soles, replace wrap around molded soles, replace toe pieces and repair quarter panels.

A pair of Russell's are not like standard footwear. They are designed and carefully handcrafted to provide many more years of enjoyable wear than any boot or shoe you have ever owned.

The construction of moccasin footwear is not well understood by the average shoe repair shop so we urge you to return your Russell’s to our factory for resoling and refurbishment. Let the experts repair the boots they built for you. Our rates are extremely reasonable and the results are nothing short of amazing.

sheephunters-repair.jpgIn extreme cases such as this pair, our repair department literally rebuilt this pair of “hard worn” boots. This pair of Russell Sheep Hunters required a new molded sole, new midsole, new toe pieces and soles. This pair of “Old Friends” were returned to the customer and will provide many more miles of comfort and enjoyment.  While we would be happy to sell you a brand new pair... your old Russell’s can be repaired and refurbished for a nominal fee in most cases.


Sometimes, due to heavy wear, abuse and neglect, leather boots and shoes can dry out and become brittle or uncomfortable.  They just “aren’t the same anymore.”  Culprits here include failure to apply leather dressing when needed...getting the boots or shoes totally soaked and then improperly drying them.

Russell offers “Relasting” service to overcome this problem. You can return your boots or shoes to us and for $40.00 we will “Relast” them...meaning wetting the leather, and then allowing the boot to dry while on the last.   This procedure reforms the leather to the original shape and size.   Following “Relasting”, the leather is then dressed with the appropriate leather care product, bringing it back to as close to new as possible.


How to return Boots & Shoes for Repair

Clean off excess dirt and debris from the footwear before sending then for repairs. There will be an additional $25.00 charge if we have to clean them before we can repair them.

Please return shoes to: 285 S. W. Franklin Street, Berlin, WI 54923

If you have questions regarding repairs, you can send an e-mail to Bill at or call (920)361-2252, and ask for Bill.

We ask that customers return items with a note of what they want done. Include name, address, telephone number, and email address. Repairs take about 4-8 weeks, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Shipping cost in U.S. for repairs is $25.00, if shipped postal there is an additional $12.00 charge. Shipping Overseas is $75.00. If you are shipping overseas, please take into consideration the time for shipping to and from.

Resoling boots/shoes - $105.00
Resoling 20-R's - $55.00
New Zippers - $40.00
New gussets - $60.00
New leather midsole - $35.00
New toe pieces - $60.00
Adding counters - $55.00
Refurbishing - $30.00
Relasting - $40.00

Replacing and Hand Sewing Molded Soles on Triple Vamp Boots such as South 40 Birdshooter - $150.00
Resoling with Plantation wedge crepe will be an additional charge of $25.00

Shipping charges for repairs in U.S. - $25.00
Shipping charges for Overseas - $75.00


repairssm.jpgIn this day of mass produced footwear Russell still takes pride in the fact that we offer full repair service for all of our products. If your soles are worn out, send them back to us and we will replace the sole and send your boots or shoes back to you. Turnaround is generally less than three weeks.

repair-solesm.jpgOne of Russell's skilled craftsmen, Ernie Osheim, replacing a worn molded sole. This pair of stalking boots was put back into "like new" condition for the customer.

repairlg.gifA well worn pair of "Old Friends" need not be cast aside. When properly repaired by a Russell craftsman, the inside comfort of your Russell's remains unchanged while the outside is brought back to "like new" condition. Our repair department breathed new life into this pair of South 40 Birdshooters, replacing the worn toe piece, hand molded wrap around sole and midsole. After attaching a new sole they will be as good as new, ready to serve their owner for years to come.

repairs-oneida1.jpgThis pair of French Veal 1745 Saddle Oneida moccasins were made in 1988. The customer wore them for casual wear nearly every day for 16 years until they started to become shop worn. He then made them his go to “gardening” shoes for the next six years. Neglected, beaten to death, often muddy and wet and not properly cared for they ended up looking like this.  He sent them back for resoling and “Relasting”

repairs-oneida2.jpgAfter “Relasting” and several coats of Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather dressing, they were once again back in service. He reported that they were “almost like new and super comfortable.”