Cavalier Testimonials

I love my boots and appreciate the quality and construction.  As I mentioned, I had trouble uploading the review to the website.  If it's acceptable, please post this as a review for the Cavalier.
I purchased my pair of Cavalier boots 4 years ago and they are well worth the money.  I have other pairs of Russell's but the Cavalier is by far the best for me.  As a land broker/forester, I'm daily traveling from the office to the woods and this boot is perfect for both locations.  They fit like a glove and my feet feel great, even after walking all day.  They give me a dressy look, but are still rugged enough to walk up any mountain.  I keep polish in the office and can quickly have them looking ready for my next meeting.  I look forward to many more years wearing my Cavalier boots while selling land and trees.
Jody Cann


"Dear Great Master Moccasin Workmen,
I received boots today! The size of this shoes is perfect for me! Thank you very much for making wonderful moccasin! I will order again."

Osamu Kawada


Dear Folks at Russell,

"Guess I'll give you a testimonial alongside a question.

30 years ago, my father ordered me a pair of your Cavalier boots. He ordered them for me because he was a big fan, wearing the same style of boot for many years while homesteading in the rugged Alaska backcountry. I've worn that pair he gave me every summer, nearly every day, for the past 30 years, putting it through the paces, literally, of backwoods living--tramping through serious brush, building log cabins, etc. One of the pair finally gave out on me this summer, and when it did, I realized how much I missed them. I'm certainly not going to complain about their construction after getting 30 years of hard use out of them. On the contrary, I'm here to order another pair!!

There's my testimonial! Now, my question: would you still have my measurements on file? If so, please let me know. If not, I'll draw up some new ones for you. Best wishes, and congratulations again on a truly superior product"

Tok Thompson - Alaska


"Thanks.  Order #6777 arrived early in October while I was away from home. I am absolutely delighted.  My knee-high Cavalier hunting boots are 'like buttah...soft like buttah'.  Even though fully lined, with a reinforced toe cap and a double sole, they were comfortable right out of the box.  After a light rubbing with Obenauf's and several miles, they're wearing in --not breaking in.  They make my feet feel like I'm walking around in a pair of comfy old socks.  If I miss while I'm hunting in the Maine 'pucker bush' next month, it won't be because my feet are'll be because my feet feel so good that I go to sleep!  I know why Russell boots are so famous now and I know how you've stayed in business for over 100 years. You've got another convert."

The Reverend Frank B. Crumbaugh III -- New Jersey


(Dave Koss and Kim Heffernan special ordered double moccasin bottom Cavaliers in French veal, with plantation crepe wedge soles).
"To Ralph and all of those who worked on our order: The boots are perfect... exactly what we were looking for. It's very nice to find a company that works like you do. You can be sure of more of our business when we return from this trip."

Dave Koss & Kim Heffernan