Exotics Testimonials

“The last pari of Russell's I ordered, the V.S.O.P. Ostrich/Alligator Premier Chukk, are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. They are great! Thanks for helping this old guy with different feet.”

Marty Smith, DVM -- Wisconsin


randys-loafers.jpg“I originally bought a pair of Russell ostrich loafers in 2002 .  After wearing the original pair every day for about a year and a half ,  I purchased two more pairs for everyday casual footwear. The original pair became my everyday beaters.  It is now standard conversation about how much more abuse can they really take before they are worn out.  If you want a pair of good-looking dress shoes that are out of this world comfortable buy these,  The plus is after you wear them for several years...you will have the neighborhood’s best-looking pair of YARD SHOES EVER  MADE!

Randall J Iten -- Wisconsin


“I own several pairs of Russell boots which I wear on job sites, but my new Ostrich and Kangaroo Safari PH boots that you custom made for me have quickly become my very favorite pair. The kangaroo and ostrich is very light and soft. On my trip to Scotland I basically wore them everywhere, with a jacket to restaurants and other social outings, and all the outdoor activities. I never once had sore feet. I love the way they hug and support my ankles and that it feels like I am walking on air. I am definitely a happy customer and I can’t say enough about the quality of your boots and the very courteous and friendly way you do business.”

Jack Douglas


“I wear my ostrich loafers everywhere. On my Harley...even wore them to the Brickyard 400 race a few weeks ago. They’re the most comfortable shoes I own.”

Randy Iten