Friends of Russell

President George W. Bush visits Russell Booth at SCI

A very special guest stopped by the Russell Moccasin booth during the 2010 Safari Club International Convention in Reno, NV--.President George W. Bush! The President, after being measured, ordered a pair of Russell Signature South 40 Birdshooters and then spent some time chatting with the Russell team.

President George W. Bush discussing boot options with Russell's Ralph Fabricius, (center, dark shirt), and Doug Herge, (seated).
President Bush, up on the measuring stand, being carefully measured by Russell’s Doug Herge. Doug was so excited he forgot to ask for the President’s shipping address!

John Jennings - Worldwide Safaris

John Jennings with Sable
John Jennings PH II's

When “youngish” John Jennings strolled into the Russell Moccasin booth at Safari Club International a number of years ago we immediately recognized him for what he was... a young, fit, dedicated, ethical hunter.  A year or so later John brought his Dad, Doug into the booth along with his younger brother, Bryan. John informed us that he was going to take his Dad to Africa for the first time in Dad’s life. Also his brother. “They both need a pair of Russell Safari “PH” II’s.” We measured them up and off went the whole male side of the Jennings family to Tanzania and Zambia. John, whose day job is real estate in San Diego, wanted to record his Dad’s first trip to Africa and his brother’s introduction to hunting of any kind, so he formed a video company called “Worldwide Safaris.”

Presently John has two excellent DVD’s available, “Sharing The Legacy” and “Danger And Triumph Under The Zambian Sun.” We just recently watched both of them and highly recommend them. The Jennings family and their Professional Hunter, (PH), Cliff Walker, hunted hard and long and paid a mighty price in effort, exhaustion, bloodied knees, long days and short nights. Most remarkable is the quality of the human relationships between two brothers and their Dad. John states at one point in the DVD, after he and PH Walker had belly-crawled for more than 600 yards across thorns and rocks and sticks and had bloodied their knees, “If it doesn’t hurt... it isn’t worth it.” Great photography. Fine camaraderie. Family oriented. Check them out at:

Mike Rogers - Expedition Safaris

Mike Rogers with a 228-4/8” SCI Whitetail taken at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch in Bland, MO.
Mike Rogers, Host of Expedition Safaris, on location in Baja Mexico, interviewing two new hunters while filming at Baja Hunting.

SCI’s Expedition Safari on the Outdoor Channel, is the #2 rated prime time outdoor TV show in North America. Host, Mike Rogers, Jr. does a tremendous job showing the hunt, explaining the animals, the country and its people to the viewer.  Expedition Safari is an original Outdoor Channel program. Outdoor Channel, a corporate partner of Safari Club International are large supporters of SCI and help promote the goals and the values of the organization through the TV show. Expedition Safari is seen in 34 million homes a week. “Expedition Safari is about hunting and the wildlife itself... where you learn about the types of adventures and the animals,” says Rogers, “the show is designed to be about the wildlife and to teach people about wildlife.”

Russell Moccasin highly recommends this extraordinary TV presentation of the hunting world, whether you hunt or not. Mike Rogers is the consummate professional who does great and wonderful work. His TV shows paint a picture so vivid you can almost smell the acrid iron wood campfires of Africa, the cool clean air of New Zealand and the musk of a bull elk.

Check out Expedition Safari on the Outdoor Channel. Every episode is a learning experience, even for seasoned hunters.


Mark Buchanan - Big Bore Productions


Mark graduated with a degree in finance from the University of San Diego and has worked in the banking industry ever since. He is an avid hunter, whether it is dangerous game in Africa, bird hunting in Mexico or prairie dogs in South Dakota. He enjoys hunting anytime, anyplace and anything. His passion for hunting began at an early age, and has continued to grow and evolve, as does his penchant for exploring. Mark quickly realized that traveling to remote hunting locations and meeting the local people add an important and unforgettable layer to the adventure.

Like many hunters, Mark was initially drawn to Africa by the writings of Capstick, Ruark and Hemminway. Later it was John Pondoro Taylor's book "African Rifles and Cartridges" that fuelded Mark's passion to not only hunt Africa, but to do so with classic African calibers and custom built rifles.

Mark is not a celebrity, not an outfitter, or firearm's expert, he's just a guy who simply enjoys hunting, shooting and the outdoors. Besides rifles, he has taught himself the art of photography and enjoys shooting with his camera as much as his rifles.

It was this combination that inspired Mark to venture into video productions. He created Big Bore Productions with the intent to fill a video niche for hunters who share his passion for hunting adventures combined with classic firearms and cartridges.

These are not "how to" or "instructional" videos. Big Bore Productions was not created to teach or show anyone how to hunt. The are videos documenting real hunts, up close and personal, with a focus on the rifles and cartridges, and the excitement that only this great sport can provide.

Dick Scorzafava of Westfield, MA, is the author of several books, (most recently Spies In The Deer Woods and Radical Bowhunter),

Dick Dcorzfava with pending new #1 SCI Red Stag
Dick with a fine Saskatchewan whitetail buck

An outdoor writer, popular national seminar speaker, a pro staff member of many of the leading outdoor equipment companies and appears frequently on Knight Rifle's, "Born To Hunt" television show. Dick has been wearing Russell boots and shoes for a couple years and reports, "We stalked for hours each day on my recent Sable hunt in Africa and my feet were never so comfortable thanks to my Russell Safari "PH" boots. I have finally found a boot that meets my needs and will be a loyal customer for life."

Check out Dick's websites or catch one of this TV shows.

Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo -- Hosts, Archer's Choice & The Choice


“We have worn almost every hunting boot you could imagine and never had we put on a set of boots that felt so comfortable the very first time. Our Russell Moccasin boots are by far some of the BEST boots we have ever worn. We have tested them throughout all of North America and we never thought leather could be so waterproof!  Thanks Russell for keeping us in the field when others don’t!”

Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo

Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, the Lanark, IL-based hunting couple, bring both fun and excitement to outdoor TV. The couple continuously “make each other pay” for the slightest shortfall in technique or performance, as it should be.  Poor Ralph is always catching it from Vicki who never passes up an opportunity to billboard her “bigger” buck or “prettier” bear... just as best friends should.

archers-choice.jpgYou are invited to tag along with  Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo, North America's Favorite Hunting Couple, the Posse and AC Media Staff as they trek across the globe in search of big game on the Archer's Choice.  From Yukon Moose & Quebec Caribou to chasing Whitetails in the States, each new episode is filled with the excitement and adventure you love, wrapped with the humor and family-fun that Archer's Choice is known for.

the-choice.jpgThe Choice, the couple’s other TV show, is packed with exciting adventure in the true sense of reality hunting on TV. Each week is packed full of true hunting at its best. The ups, the downs and all the in-betweens is what makes the viewers come back each week to watch real hunting with real people and real adventures.

Both shows air on the Outdoor Channel, several times a week.  Consult your local listings for details.


Watch Tracks Across Africa on The Outdoor Channel
Sundays - 5:30 p.m. EST
Wednesdays - 6 a.m. EST / 12 p.m. EST

Ivan Carter

Ivan Carter was born and raised in the bush in Zimbabwe. He is not only a professional hunter, but also an accomplished wildlife and scenic photographer. Ivan is also one of Russell's boot testers, he's always doing his best to tear up whatever we provide for testing. Ivan's experience and knowledge of his profession has helped Russell understand and develop products for African hunting.


Ivan's new project "Carters W.A.R." will premier December 28th, 2015 only on the Outdoor Channel.

Check out

Larry Weishuhn, “Mr. Whitetail”
A Hunter's Life with Larry Weishuhn - Sportsman's Channel - Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Outfittersrating - Sportsman's Channel - Wednesday
Co-host, North American Hunter - Versus
Consult your local listings.


Larry Weishuhn is a professional wildlife biologist, highly respected outdoor writer, and hunting television personality whose shows appear on all the major outdoor networks. Larry spends approximately 250 days a year in the field and practically lives in his Russell boots. He has hunted throughout much of the world, even though he is often referred to as "Mr. Whitetail". Larry hunts with Thompson/Center pistols and rifles, occasionally muzzleloaders. When not hunting or being filmed for his television shows he is involved with, he is busy conducting hunting and wildlife management seminars and after-dinner speeches.

Larry wears a number of different Russell Moccasin styles. Says Larry, “I’ve worn my various Russell’s exclusively every day since I got them and dearly love them”.


Jim Miller -- Host, Tex Mex Outdoors TV Show

Jim Miller shown here with a superb 181 SCI buck he took on a hunt at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch near Bland, MO, fall 2010. Jim wore his Russell Sheep Hunter boots on this hunt and reported “They were just excellent for these rolling hills of Missouri.”
Jim Miller, shown here with yet another “Braggin Buck” he arrowed in South Texas in 2010. He reports, “I have been wearing Russell Snake Proof Turkey Hunter boots for five years...I literally LIVE in these boots eight months year. I trust my life to them.”

Jim worked in the archery industry for more than 25 years as a sales rep for PSE, Hoyt, and Bear/Jennings and has been bow hunting for more than forty-five years, taking many world class trophies in the US, Canada, Mexico and Africa. As a world renowned bow hunter he holds numerous records both P&Y and SCI... he was the first bow hunter to take an Afghan Urial Sheep with a bow. He also took a 40-inch Sable plus a superb 57-1/2 inch Kudu, a top ten Nilgai in Mexico and recently a pronghorn antelope with a bow that will quality in the top 10 of the Boone and Crockett "rifle" category. His TV show, TEX-MEX OUTDOORS is dedicated to the planning, practicing, and the hunting of native wild game. The show combines the history of the area hunted... the local people and the flora and fauna in an effort to entertain and educate viewers. Jim says, “TEX-MEX OUTDOORS is all about real stuff... real situations... real hunting.”

TEX-MEX Outdoors can be seen on the Sportsman’s Channel Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. See your local listings.