General Comments

Just oiled a pair of your Walkers....have worn you shoes for
years....nothing but the best have good people making
great quality! an 85 year old will never wear them out...



I wore a pair of Kryp A Roos last Saturday, a day in the low forties with a steady rain coming down.
For two hours i worked with about 10 others doing some volunteer pruning for the city..  The only part of my body that remained dry and not fatigued was my feet.  
You mention in your description that these boots are comfortably lightweight.  I can agree.
There is no overselling these boots.
Thanks for knowing the difference over the many years between real improvements to your products and change simply to improve your bottom line.  


Thought you may enjoy this. Eight years, five Africa hunts, more days than I can count hunting birds and deer in South Texas and Mexico, plus weekly ranch work. Wouldn't trade them for anything.

Lloyd Cage
Corpus Christi, TX


I began hunting professionally in Botswana in the early 1990s under the well known outfitter Safari South.

Fortune smiled upon me with the privilege of having legendary Professional Hunter Harry Selby as one of my mentors. Early on Harry impressed upon me his enormous respect for the 416 Rigby cartidge and his love affair with "Russell" boots. Harry had been introduced to Russell "Bird Shooters" in his early years in East Africa. Since then I too have fallen under the spell of the superb comfort, fit, and durability of the Russell Moccasin Co. "PH and Thula Thula" boots.

The sixth pair that I have used since my early days has just undergone its third re-sole/repair by the wonderful folks at Russell Moccasin Co.

In my mind they produce the finest, custom fitted hunting boots for our African conditions. Their boots have my highest recommendation.

Kind regards
Dave Lincoln
APHA Life Member
Africa Outbound Adventures (S Africa/Botswana)


Patty, Ralph and folks at WCMC,
It is with pleasure to report that I received my pair of Sporting Clays - Classic Shooting Shoes and they are great, fit perfect.  I want to thank you and the folks at W.C. Russell Moccasin Company for the superb workmanship and attention to detail in producing a fine product. In particular I want to thank you for working with me in getting the shoes to fit so well.
Best wishes,
Ralph Magin


Hi Joe,
I got to wear my boots last week in Texas for the first time and I can say for certain it's the best pair of hunting boots I've ever owned!
Thank you again.
Kind regards,
Chantelle Kapp


Hi Patty,
I never contacted you to let you know, that I received my 3rd pair of boots from you.  Now I have all 3!
The Winter boots - these I needed so much and love as well
The leather/canvas boots  - these are so comfortable and light
The shoe/boots - I wear all the time.
I think this girl is happy!
THANK YOU AGAIN.  Russell Moccasin is the best!

Dear Russell People,

mike-charron.jpgI recently viewed your video factory tour. It nearly brought me to tears. In this fast paced, automated throw away society that I am fully engaged in, I am still moved by old world values, skills, craftsmanship. I have been an electrician for 38 years and, having once prided myself in being a skilled pipe bender and craftsman out of Detroit, now I only concern myself with production and installation costs. Your comments on being able to know which craft person built a pair of boots by observing the stitch....! Now that I value!

Finding good fitting boots has always been a challenge to me. I believe I found your website around 2006. My wife's family is in Appleton so I stopped by your factory while in Appleton and Ralph measured me up for a pair of south 40. Wow! Work boots that fit like a glove. They didn't confine my feet yet were snug enough to run in the woods. Not long after, you made me a pair of Joes PHII. Both pair have long since worn themselves to the garbage can. I work on construction sites so I am pretty hard on boots. Below is my current line up. Likely my most prized possessions. I used to complain about my wife's new shoes every month. Can't complain anymore. From the Laramie suede for hiking the hot summer canyons, to the insulated birdshooter II for the winter jobs in the Midwest or wherever I might be sent. As well as 3 pair of the super comfy imperials that I continue to resole, repair, sho goo, until their in shreds. Wether it's soft suede or weathertuff with insulation, I continue to be amazed by perfect fit right out of the box. For pleasure, I slowly look over the new boots, imagining the process of construction (how did they do that?), and taking in the beauty of a finely crafted product. In a nut shell, thanks, all of you, for what you do.

Mike Charron
Felton, CA


ford-taylor.jpgTwelve Days in Traveling in Italy... Adventurous
Walking 9-10 hours every day... Exhaustive
Wearing Only Russell Footwear... Stylish
Twelve Days of Great Performance and No Foot Pain... Priceless

Ford Taylor


"Hi to Suzie Fabricius and all of the craftsmen/women at Russell Moccasin.  My boots arrived today and they look and feel great!!!
Thanks to all and a shout out to the wonderful woman who took my phone call on Tuesday and reported that the boots were on the way.  In a world that seems pretty down many days recently, she was definitely a welcome bright spot!  You should all be very proud of the great work and the very personal service you provide.  Thank you very much!"

Tom McKinnie


"Enclosed for return are the size 10-1/2 E boots which you sent me to confirm my sizing.  As we discussed by phone last week the boots fit but with some tightness in the left arch area.   I look forward to receiving my custom boots from you.  Should you require additional information do not hesitate to contact me.   In closing I would like to thank you and your staff for the professionalism which you have shown in making sure that things are tight.   It's a rare commodity these days."

Larry Edginton -- California


"Well, I finally put a pair of your boots to what I consider "the test" ! Although it has appeared to me over my Russell years that Ralph personally makes all our family's boots, Suzie actually re- measured and helped me at the SCI show in Reno. I wanted something like the "bowhunter" boot because I am, a bowhunter! Suzie took as much time as we needed to dial in her best recommendation for my 1st ever elk hunt in the San Luis range of northern New Mexico. As with everything Russell, thinking outside the pages or box, is apparently - NO PROBLEM. After a quick consult with Ralph, we had the order written and I walked away KNOWING that all would be well.....I returned from my most physically demanding hunt ever last week, after negotiating terrain from around 9,000 to 11,000', in fine shape. My old and tired body did its best to run hard day in and day out with a cowboy that was half my age. I never even thought about my feet - it was THAT GOOD. RM sold me on wearing a liner sock under their brown wool sock and I traversed 10+miles a day - at altitude; with my "big day" being a 16 miler. All in all, we walked/stalked well over 50 miles in addition to the 80+ on the horse! I am proud to tell you that through 17F - 54F, from sun to rain and wet snow, from sidehill to uphill; my Russell boots were all about being custom made for me. Thank you! These boots are little heavier than my loved PH's, but they needed to be. Elk run in tough country! What a pleasure to deal with an American Icon and quality people. We appreciate what you do for all of that take to the field in a serious way.
Keep up the good work."

Ken Holland - Pennsylvania


A couple of months ago I had you resole an old pair of Zephyr's using the Newporter sole. You asked me to tell you how they worked. I used them for the first time this morning. Temperature about 20F. Three inches of snow over a dusting of sleet. I needed to carry a bucket of bird seed down behind the house, a 30 degree slope. Usually I carry a hiking staff, but today I said no, I'll just walk down on my own. It worked just like summertime. The skid-resisting Newporters gave me that touch of confidence that I needed to walk where I wanted to walk without looking down all the time. The Newporter is now my sole of choice. Special thanks to Sue for bringing them to my attention."

Ken Yeager


wyman-meinzer.jpg"Wyman Meinzer in Texas here!! Thought all of you guys might get a kick out of seeing your work in a setting quite contrasting with where you would normally see Russell Moccasins!! I was honored a week ago at Texas Tech Univerisity as a Distinguished Alumni, along with two other people. We were chosen from the thousands of ex-students who have graduated from this University over the past 50 years or more. I mulled over getting a suit to wear but did not like the idea of buying one and hanging it up for years without wearing again. So I went with what I had and pulled my "dress" Russells from the closet!! This image was taken at the banquet on November 20th followed by being introduced out on the football field the next day before the Texas Tech/OU game in front of a packed stadium!! Oh yeah!!! They
all liked my Russells!!!!"

Wyman Meinzer - Texas


"I received my pair of custom made Mountain Climber hunting boots last week. They were exactly what I was looking for. The fit was a little loose at first but after wearing them for a bit they "molded" to my feet. Though the possibility of me wearing these boots out is
highly unlikely, you have a customer for life. Made in the USA means a lot to me. It may cost more than what is produced overseas but the quality, form and fit are well worth it. Keep up the good work. Once again thanks to all of the employees of Russell Mocassin for a great pair of boots!"

Vincent Brown - NC


"I received my new boots the day before yesterday and they are great! I wore them yesterday and my GPS says I walked 4.7 miles and my feet stayed comfortable even though the boots are not broken in. They are just going to get better and better!"

John Schleich - Florida


"Somewhere in your card file there must be one for me, David Dix, Waukesha WI. I own several pair of Russell shoes, from Oneida mocs to an ostrich hide pair of boots, which I call my Ringmaster boots. My father introduced me to Russell Moccasin many years ago. He was then a member of a DC hiking club along the B & O Canal in VA. His friend Supreme Court Justice Wm. Douglas wore Russells and recommended them to all members, thus Dad found ou about the little factory in Berlin WI. He took me to Berlin on one of his visits "from the east". Best wishes for continued success with rare and ever rarifying hand-stitchery in your shop on the mighty Fox! I am due for another trip to Berlin myself!"

David dix Sr. - Wisconsin


"I'm sending you this pair of boots to be resoled and refurbished. As close as I can tell I've waled approximately 5,000 miles in these boots over the last three years. The reason I know this is because I wear a pedometer daily and have wore these boots on my walks. I've worn just about every make of boot out there and none can compare with Russell's."

Bob Salvador - Georgia


"I just got the VSOP's you made for me and want to let you know how pleased I am with them. They fit perfectly and are beautifully made. I bought my first pair of Russell Moccasin hunting boots in 1975 and have bought numerous other pairs of boots and shoes from you over the years, several of which I still have and still wear frequently. But I do believe that this latest pair may be the best yet. It is remarkable that you continue to make such a high quality product after all these years. Thank you for continuing to do so."

Bob Zellner - Illinois


"Dear Russell Moccasin,
Those desert boots you knocked out for me in 14D a while back and sent to England are now in service in Baghdad and I currently have the most comfortable feet in the US Embassy. They are ideal for loafing around marble halls where you need something light and flexible and don't need to be kitted out with uncomfortable, heavy, hard-core combat boots. Yet they're good too for travelling around town where you can find yourself gliding from offices to bomb sites from one minute to the next. The big bonus is that they let my feet breathe really well. No significant problems to report. Overall, they seem to be standing up to the heat which is the biggest killer of footwear around here. You may think summer's hot where you are - believe me, it gets worse! 113F yesterday.
Many thanks again."
David .D BURNS
Commander Royal Navy - Baghdad


"Dear Folks at Russell:
Just a note to thank you for all of the great boots and shoes I have purchased and worn over the years. The most recent is a Thula Thula Huron, (came the other day), which fits my bare foot like a glove and will be agreat around the house/yard moccasin. Just thinking off hand, I own quite a few Russells that I wear most of the time.
3 pairs of Art Carter Chukka in various leathers
2 pairs of other chukkas
An old pair of laceup Oneidas
An old slipon Oneida
A pair of suede Trackers
A pair of South 40 Birdshooters
A pair of elephant PH's
A Camp Moc
3 pairs of Wading Shoes
2 pairds of Zephyrs
In particular, the Art Carters I bought in/around 1995/6 have been everywhere from Yellowstone hikes to fishing trips in France to DoD and National Science Foundation meetings--and even have seen a few classrooms. Ditto many of the other shoes, but the Art Carters in their various incartions are my favorit Russells. As a note, my first pair, which I completely wore out, (and I mean nothing-left-wore-out!), and no longer have, was a pair of Laramie Oneidas that my mother brought me for Christmas when I was in high school. That was about 1982. Who would have thought what she started with a simple gift."

Kevin Lyons - North Carolina State University


"I'm Don Hollingsworth from Mississippi and I have owned a pair of Russell boots 27 years. I own four different pair today and I have never had antyhing that wears or feels as good on my feet. I'm 53 years old, an engineer and a turkey hunter so I'm outside a lot. But when in the office, Russell's look just as good or better than a pair of shoes. There is not a better pair of boots in the world than the "PH". I do believe St. Peter has a pair because they feel as if you could walk on a cloud."

Jeff Greenway - Georgia


"Thank you everyone at Russell Moccasin. I received my two new pairs today and they are both beautifully made. Wonderful products and a wonderful company."

Don Hollingsworth -- Mississippi


"Dear Russell Moccasin,
My husband and I were going out to shovel some snow yesterday, and his own boots had broken down, so I remembered that my mother had asked us if we wanted to have Grandpa’s boots which she had kept for years, telling us they were “still good”. Grandpa passed away more than 45 years ago. He was dear to me, and I happily accepted Grandpa’s boots. Remembering them, I got them out for my husband, and he wore them, remarking with surprise how comfortable they were. We shoveled the patio, then took a walk in the snow and came home. We looked more carefully at the boots, surprised that after such a long time in the closet, and a far longer time since Grandpa had worn them, they were comfortable, and the leather laces were supple and easy to tie up – that was amazing. My grandpa wore these boots hunting and fishing in Alaska in the 1930s and 40s when it was really rough and tough there. So yesterday we took a close look at the boots and saw your name, and looked it up on the internet. And imagine our delight to see that you are still making boots! We cherish ours."

Susan Gregory -- Nebraska


“I am a forester and wear your boots every day.   Russell boots are the best footwear that I have ever used.  I have ordered four pair of boots from you over the past 10 years.  Enclosed you will find a new set of measurements for my feet.  Please use them instead of my old measurements as my feet have changed.  I like the way you build and fit boots.  Thank you again for your outstanding boots.”

David Jennette -- North Carolina


“As a user of your product since 1955 I find your boots and shoes to be of the highest quality.  The first pair of boots lasted until early 1991 and were good except that the composition rubber soles began to flake off.  Please furnish me with a new catalog and price list as I feel a new pair coming on.”

Wilfred Rogers, Gunsmith -- Georgia


“Greetings from Baghdad!! I am a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marines over here for my third tour. I wish you folks would make a pair of Russell Combat Moccasin boots for me! I got my first pair of Russell's, the Chukka Hiker, about two months ago. When I am in civvies, you can bet I am in Russell's! Everything everybody else says about the fit is absolutely true, PERFECT right out of the box! I keep putting exclamation points after every sentence because your product is that good! I do not want to disrespect another company, but I must tell you that I recently bought a pair of service endorsed boots for a price similar to your Mountain PH and I am extremely disappointed with the poor fit. The boots are uncomfortably stiff and get in the way when I “move out smartly”. Never had that problem with the Chukkas! Just get some tan rough out and that light color Vibram Sierra and whip me up some tall Mountain PH’s and I will be Good To Go! Bravo Zulu, Russell Moccasin, and thanks again!”

Semper Fidelis,

Fred Cale
Dear Ralph,


“Dear Russell,

"Being a long time fan* of your fine products I thought you would enjoy the quote from Colonel Hub Zemke’s book, Zemke’s Wolf Pack. If you are not familiar with Col. Zemke, (below), he was considered the top fighter group commander in World War II. He was originally from Missoula, MT--a real outdoorsman. Here’s the quote:

‘That first tour in England and the Soviet Union taught me the value of good leather boots, whether roaming around open airfields or flying an aircraft. Upon returning to the United States I bought two pairs of eight inch Russell Bird Shooter boots. These moccasin type shoes, a size large enough to accommodate two pairs of woolen socks, were comfortable hunting gear and were much cherished. One pair fractionally spearheaded my arrival in Germany.’

My first boots, likely Birdshooters, were a treasure for me. I babied them. I still have them. You put caulk in them, the summer of ‘41, after I returned from Montana working on a fire crew, (USFS). They needed some attention by your repair guys after that. All the other boys were wearing heavy-duty ‘loggers’. I bought a pair of Oneidas, (1942-’43), and wore them for my initial Air Force training in 1943. The instructors wanted the cadets to feel the rudder pedals. Best wishes,

Allen Mundt, Nevada
PS - My first pair of Russell's were a present from my parents for my 14th birthday in 1936.


"This morning I pulled an old pair of boots out of my closet, that I've worn for hiking, boating, and most recently, working around the yard. I happened to note that they were made by the Russell Moccasin Company. I bought those boots in the summer of 1963, for the purpose of hiking to the top of Mt. Baden Powell in Southern California. Since then, they've traveled all over California, as well as to Saudi Arabia and back.
"They presently live with me in Huntsville, Alabama.   Since they look like they'll outlast me, (my 69th birthday is in 2 days), I'm looking to will them to my oldest grandson when I'm done with them.   As I recall, they cost me $14 back then, which was a lot of money at the time. They've sure been worth it."

John Jasper -- Alabama


"I just received my Russell Hikers last Friday.  When I first put them on I laced them up loosely, thinking they would be stiff and uncomfortable if tightly laced.  Well, they felt like my feet were swimming in them so I pulled them up tight and Wow!  What a difference,  they fit like a glove.
"Wore them all day Saturday working in the yard and they felt great.  Having worn boots since I was a kid, I have never had a pair that felt this good right out of the box.  Great job on the workmanship.  They look like they are built to last 50 years."

Rob Baltz


"After becoming aware of the Russell Moccasin Company at the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention, my fourth pair of Russell boots, Double Moccasin Bottom Zephyrs), arrived yesterday.  As always, the fit, comfort and craftsmanship are second to none. 
"Having to choose my favorite pair from my Turtleskin SnakeArmor Turkey Hunters, South 40 Birdshooters, Mohican Stalkers and Zephyrs would be like having to choose my favorite child.  It couldn't be done.  All are outstanding boots and I thank you for your commitment to providing such a fine product.  I look forward to owning several more pairs of Russell Boots in the near future."

Dalton Dowdy - Georgia


"I was measured for my first pair of Russell Moccasin Boots 20 years ago and have used Russell's on every expedition since!  Custom made Russell boots, some made with leather from game I've brought down, have carried me on my pursuits through the continents of North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and into the South Pacific.   They quality and comfort have never failed me."

Theodore M. Siouris, MR '95 -- The Explorers Club


"More than 25 years ago I ordered a pair of Russell boots. I remember the looks we standing there in my stocking feet as my secretary helped me trace each foot's outline and carefully measure the dimensions necessary to order my boots. Many years and hours of dependable, comfortable service later, that same pair of boots sits in my closet, veterans of the many hours I have spent afield. I've worn my boots elk hunting in the Rocky Mountains and on each of my many south Texas white tail hunts, at my rattlesnake-thick, prickly pear-dense lease outside of Freer in Webb County. With a modicum of care, my Russell boots have yet to fail me. Like old, tried and true friends, I expect they will be there to serve me equally well in the years ahead."

Stephen Stainkamp, outdoor writer, Texas


"I was the second generation to wear a pair of Russell Ike Walton boots. They were passed down to me by my uncle. I wore them until they simply dissolved in a flood in our cellar while I was serving Uncle Sam. When I was going to school, as soon as the school bell rang, those boots would go on and I would head for a place called the 'water-works' to hunt ducks, squirrels, crow, etc. My two most prized possessions were my Russell's and a 16 gauge model 12 Winchester."

Bill Keith, Massachusetts


"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy all of my Russell Moccasins. I love looking at the detail and the care you have taken to make each pair a work of art. I always feel like a million bucks when I wear my Russells."

Joe Hansen, Michigan


Dear Ralph,

“This is a long overdue ‘Thank You’ note for standing behind your work. Your boots are very important to my old feet. Your patience and understanding are genuinely appreciated. I truly enjoy wearing your products. I think I’ve bought five pair during the past two years, including my Snake Boots. My feet have become spoiled and send bad signals to my body when someone other than ‘Ralph’ has them dressed. Thanks again!”

Brooks Jackson, Arkansas


Hi Ralph and Crew,

“Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I am enjoying by new boots...they were worth the wait. They fit beautifully of course, and they are very light and VERY comfortable. Thanks again!”

Dr. Ward, Louisiana


Excerpt from a letter to Shooting Sportsman Magazine

"I read with interest Ralph Stuart's Field Test column. I would like to back up his opinion on W.C. Russell Moccasin Company. I am a wildlife professional and for the last 20 years have spent a great deal of my time tramping the woods, fields, lakes and streams of my beautiful Wisconsin. During that time period I have purchased three pairs of Russell boots. They are pure quality and cheap when thought of in terms of comfort, workmanship and durability. Ralph Fabricius and the rest of the staff at W.C. Russell are just outstanding to work with and their product is second to none. Their boots are comfortable, durable and wear like iron with proper care. I believe I have given mine more field testing than most people will give them in a lifetime. I am very proud they are produced in Wisconsin."

Mike Bartz, Wisconsin


"Dear Friends: My Country Squire Boots arrived today, and I put them on immediately. All I can say is "WOW!" These boots exceeded my wildest expectations. I have never had my feet in a finer fit and feel. I recently had two surgical procedures on my spine, and I have an increased awareness of footwear. These boots could come with a prescription for people like me. Thanks for a great job on a great pair of boots. Incidentally, they look very nice too! This is the beginning of a long relationship."

Ted Williams, Colorado


“It seems that too many of the true American companies making quality goods for outdoorsmen are disappearing, falling victim to high production and poor quality for the masses who are either unaware or do not care! Thanks to you and the dedicated employees of the W.C. Russell Moccasin Company for continuing to produce hand crafted first quality products of a time honored tradition. I truly believe that there are enough people who are aware and do care to ensure your company's next 100 years. I do know that as long as I have feet, you will have a place to sell a pair of boots.”

Nicholas Travis, III


“My new boots came Monday and I hiked all day in them on Tuesday. They are very comfortable and very much appreciated. I think you went way beyond the expected service.”

J.O. Conger


“If you want the best shoes and Russells. If you just want something average you can go to any shoe store. But then you will have to go again and again because other shoes will wear out while your Russells will still be waiting for you in your closet or hunting room.”

Randy Iten


“I was born in Sewickley, PA. I was an urban boy, not a country boy or outdoors type. In 1968 when I was 15, my first ‘girlfriend’ lived on a farm in the country. Her dad was outdoorsy, taking hunting trips out west. This was all new to me. I wanted a pair of boots so I could hang out with her. Her dad told me to go to a sporting goods store in Wexford where I forked out about $100 for my new Russell boots. At the time it felt like a million. I wore these boots all through high school and college. Later when I was a fisheries biologist for the Virginia Game Commission, I wore these boots all the time. About a year ago I bought a Harley Davidson and needed a pair of boots. My old Russell’s soles were slick so I sent them in to be refurbished. They are now my favorite and only riding boots. Talk about long lasting boots! I went through 10 or 15 girlfriends before settling down with my wife Mary, but I’ve only had one pair of Russells!!"

David Griffin



Thanks for going out of your way to make my Russells work better for me. I appreciate your call and your working with me to make these Professional Hunters a little more to my liking. I'll tell you Ralph... I have quite a number of friends that swear by Russell boots and have been wearing them for years. I must admit that these will be my first pair of Russells. I'm pretty sure that these won't be my last pair of Russells, though.

With the friendly and responsible service you folks have shown me... I'm sure I'll be wearing a few pairs of Russells before it's all over. In my business I talk to lots of folks that are in need of great foot gear. When people treat me as well as you have... I'm definitely going to pass along the Russell name in a very positive way to my customers... you can count on that.

Again... thanks Ralph for going out of your way to help me in making sure I was satisfied with my new Russells and following up the way you have. I won't forget it."

Ken Shrewsbury, CFL International


“My new boots just arrived and they are beautiful and so very comfortable. I'll be the envy of everyone in the oil patch. Thanks to all of the artisans that had a hand in making them.”

Hal Yeager