Grand Slam Sheep Hunter Testimonials

Just a short note to let you know that I gave my new Sheep Hunters a good workout in the Maine woods last week, and they were great. I spent a lot of time tromping around in the wet spring woods, and a lot of time fishing in the rain in a wet boat. At no time did my feet get wet. When I ordered them, I was a bit concerned that they might be too stiff. In reality, they give my bad ankles great support, and have been very comfortable from the first time I stepped into them – no break in required. Thanks for making such great products.


Again I must say for a 71 year old sheep hunter it would not happen if it wasn't for the boots you made for me I think this is my six or seventh pair the just keep getting better. Thanks again by the my ram was 40 inchs with 13.5 bases and 29 inch tip to tip over a 160 ram.

Thanks again
Ralph E. Adams


"Thank you so much. I received the boots this afternoon. I have already tried them on and they fit wonderfully. I believe they will be perfect! I will let you know when I have a hundred miles on them. They feel almost pre-broken in. I still cannot thank you enough for your help. The suggestion on these boots was more than I expected."

Dr. Steve Cole


100-0617.jpg"Last year goat camp, although challenging, was a bit cushy.  While your boots were very comfortable, I did stay "in camp" every nite: And incidentally, didn't shoot a goat. This year I was on the mountain for five rainy days and nites and your boots were indeed a contributing factor in harvesting this 9 1/2 Billy! Thank you and a big thank you for your continued support of SCI!"

Very Kind Regards,
Terry Huffman, Michigan


"I would like first of all to say that after two hunts in the Spanish Gredos Mountains for Spanish Ibex and two international hunts, one in the Yukon for Dall Sheep and Mountain Caribou, and one in Azerbaijan for Dagestan Tur, I'm very happy with the performance of my Grand Slam Sheep Hunter boots. Perfect fit, very good grip and no problems with the water or snow. I also want to submit a new order for Safari "PH" boots."

Juan Antonio Garcia


“You have my measurements for boots worn with heavy socks. I would like to order a pair of Hikers to wear with a medium sock and a pair of loafers to wear with a lightweight sock.

“I have Morton’s toe, Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis and overlapping toes. The boots I ordered from you last fall allowed me to hunt New Mexico for elk, Ohio for grouse and to hike three miles through the Southern Ohio hills two or three times weekly without orthotic inserts for the first time in about 25 years.

“My podiatrist told me to stop hiking the hills. I told him, “No...fix my feet.” He couldn’t! But Russell has with the Grand Slam Sheep Hunters I ordered last fall. Keep up the good work. Thank you.”

James R. Peters, Ohio