High Country Hunter Extreme

The High Country Hunter Extreme is equipped with a new single piece Air Bob Sole that bridges the gap between the arch and the ball of the foot for added support and vastly improved longevity, plus an outside cleat pattern that helps stick to the mountain when sidehilling The Air Bob sole is without a doubt, the finest mountain sole ever designed. It grips like no other we have ever worn.  It’s hollow air filled cleats give and grab in the worst terrain allowing you to pay attention to hunting rather than falling down!

Pecos Gaucho Leather is a waxy, rugged nubuck leather with a high degree of water repellancy.  Made from USA steer hides, Pecos is an easy care leather.  Just wipe off dirt with a damp cloth.

The Extreme is built with a True-Fit® fiberglass shank, (68% lighter than steel but equally strong), that solidifies the arch area and makes the boot more rigid for sure-footed traction.  If you have ever stood on a 12” wide ledge at 14,000 feet and looked down...seeing that the first time you would bounce is 5,000 feet below...you will immediately understand the “walk anywhere, sure-footed traction” provided by the combination of the Air Bob sole and a rigid walking platform.

For significantly more walking comfort during long tough during days in the mountains, a thick layer of Poron Technical Foam, (that doesn’t compress under walking pressure), is built into the bottom of the boot. The uppers of the High Country Hunter Extreme are leather lined providing superb lower leg and ankle support and protection from jagged rocks. Triple vamp, made in Pecos Gaucho Leather. 12" height.

WHY 12” HIGH? It’s 12 inches tall for a couple reasons. At every show we attend we hear comments often from customers when they look at a 12” boot; “Oh, I don’t want a boot that tall.  It will be too heavy.” That’s the perception...that a tall boot will be much heavier than a shorter one.  The reality is that a 12” High Country Hunter Extreme at 80 oz. weighs only 2.4 ounces more than a 9” or 10” model at 77.6 oz.   2.4 oz. is a trifling amount of weight given the added protection that a 12” a boot will provide you....one that seals out water when crossing streams and prevents wet socks and boots and blisters....and offers more lower leg support to avoid serious injury at altitude. The rugged sure-grip Air Bob sole on the High Country Hunter Extreme weighs more than the boot itself...so don’t be fooled by height.  The extra height of the High Country Hunter Extreme will make perfect sense the first time you ford a stream or find yourself in jagged rocky terrain or having to sidehill on steep mountainsides. Take our word for it....we’ve been there...walked the miles...put in our time on the mountain so we could learn.

Custom Made Only.

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High Country Hunter Extreme

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High Country Hunter Extreme