High Country Hunter Testimonials

"The High Country Hunter's are without a doubt the best elk hunting boots I have ever used. Climbing up or going down it doesn't matter...these are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. The ankle support is unbelievable. On several occasions I had to walk down and thru Rim Rock Country and I was totally comfortable--I was easily able to negotiate the bad walking conditions with my High Country Hunters. Thank you Russell Moccasin for build the best boots in the industry."

Buena Caceria / Good Hunting:
Jim Miller, Host, Tex-Mex Outdoors


"George has been wearing Russell boots for over 25 years. George is a forester and Russell's are the only boots that last."

Gilda Jackson - Georgia


"I would like to complement you on your suggestion of changing my winter Sheep Hunters soles from the standard Claw Air Bob sole to the Newporter sole. For over ten years I had struggled with the design of the Claw Air Bob and it propensity for collecting debris and snow build up. Even with my snow shoes on snow would collect between the Bob’s and then proceed to build up and gather to a depth of two to three inches of snow on the bottom of the soles. That is a very slippery and dangerous condition.

Trying to find an answer to this dangerous problem, I perused the Russell Moccasin website. After studding the soles chart I found the sole application and recommendation tab clicked on it and eventually went to the Cold/Snow/Ice listing. It had two possible soles listed, the Vibram Newporter and the Vibram Air Bob. Since I had no personal experience with either sole in the winter environment I called Russell Moccasin and talked to Patty. After a thorough discussion, so Patty could understand how and where I would be using these boots and soles she firmly and confidently recommended the Vibram Newporter sole. Patty was 100% on the money with this recommendation. The Newporter sole sheds snow easily as I walked and snowshoed throughout the winter. Not once was there ever any dangerous build up with the Newporter sole as there had been with the Claw Air Bob sole. I was and am completely satisfied with this choice of the Vibram Newporter sole, so satisfied that I am having one of my summer Sheep Hunters with the Claw Air Bob sole changed over the Newporter sole to see how they perform in my warm weather activities. In addition, I will also be changing my second pair of winter Sheep Hunter’s from the Claw Air Bob over to the Newporter. I will not use any other sole on my winter Sheep Hunter’s ever again!

I am a professional guide in NH and have been for 31 years. I spend as much as 300+ days in the field and I require footwear that is sturdy and uncompromising for my livelihood. Over that time, I have used many, many different brands of outdoor boots and not one ever came close to what I get from my Russell Moccasin footwear! I own seven different pairs of Russell Moccasin footwear and my use of which one of them I choose depends on the different guiding activities I need to provide for my clients. For a complete viewing of the activities I guide for go to http://www.northernguideservices.com/index.html . If you have any question regarding of the performance of the different styles of Russell Moccasin foot wear that I use please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank You Russell Moccasin for the finest boots and footwear on the Planet."

Wayne A. Derby - New Hamspire
Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace Master Trainer, Wilderness Education Association National Certified Leader and Instructor, Licensed New Hampshire Master Guide


"The High Country Hunter's not only looked good but on this Montana elk hunt, felt good. You are the best and thanks."

Bryant Bowman - West Virgina


"The High Country Hunters's are THE most comfortable boots I've ever worn. I'm hoping the fit remains the same after resoling. I figure there are 2,000 miles on them!"

Dave Hamming - Michigan


weishuhn-decksm.jpg"Need to send you photos of my original Russell Safari “PH”s...they've been around the world several times, from Argentina to Alaska..  Need to send them back to be resoled.  Would like to wear them the 1st week of July in Namibia for plains game then to another country for lion.  Love my Russell’s... don't go on a hunt without them!  I wore my tall Russell boots EVERY DAY for the TV shows and photos on a recent bear hunt.  Love 'em."

Larry Weishuhn, “Mr. Whitetail”


"Today my thirty-year-old Birdshooters arrived from Russell reconditioned and resoled. When I slipped them on, they felt like an embrace from an old, dear friend. I really like the new sole too. Thank you, Russell Moccasin for being an ongoing American tradition. With so much turmoil in our world, it is nice to count on Russell Moccasin for continued dedication and excellence."

Diane LaSauce - Virginia


bruce-hutcheon.jpg"Little did I know when I purchased my Sheep Hunters just how important they would be to bring about my successful Mt. Goat hunt with Mike Hawkridge - Tatlow Mountain Outfitters in British Columbia.

I hiked many miles and many feet of vertical shale to finally get into position to shoot and then follow up on my Goat. The whole event took place in extreme conditions of shale rock, face walls and slopes. Each and every step was made in confidence and the boots never let me down.

I am a client for life and will gladly send a testimonial to anyone wishing to hear about the performance of my Sheep Hunters.

Enjoy the photo's, and yes, I was wearing the Sheep Hunters when I took the 130 # wolf.

My Mt Goat taped at 49 2/8 BC

Thanks for making such a awesome hunting tool."

Bruce Hutcheon - Colorado


"Hi my name is Cody Cochran. I am currently a wearer of Russell Moccasins. I have a pair of High Country Hunters with 17 inch tops. I love my boots and wear them every day except for Sunday. The only reason I don't wear them on Sunday is because I pastor a church and my wife says that I can't wear my boots tucked in while I am in the pulpit. My Russells are the best thing I have ever had on my feet."

God bless you and keep you!

Pastor Cody Cochran


"I just want to drop a line and let you all know how much I love my Russell Boots. I have worn them everyday since I received them, except for Sundays. I sent my boots back 2 days ago for some repair and all I have to wear until I get them back is my old Whites. (Sorry for even typing that word) My 'dogs are barking' already even after 2 days. Russell Moccasins are the best footwear available. I wear my 16" HCH with my pants tucked in and everyone that sees them comments on them. I even wear them tucked in on Wednesday night to church. It is sort of funny, I cut all of my pants off right at the ankles to fit into my boots with no bulk. My wife had to buy me two new pair of jeans to wear until I get my HCH boots back so I wouldn't have to go around with 'high waters'. Anyway, please take care of my High Country Hunters while they are in your posession. I might not make it if I didn't get them back. Thanks."

Cody Cochran - Texas


"I can not begin to thank you sufficiently for the professional service and the quality boot's you've made.   I ordered your Sheep Hunter and Grand Slam Sheep Hunter and I am so impressed that I will be ordering two more pair soon.  I have NEVER had boots fit and feel this good on my feet, or my feet feel this good after a day of considerable walking as these boot's have accomplished in doing .  Thank you and all your craftsmen and women who design and make them,WHAT A GREAT GROUP OF PEOPLE YOU ARE."

Scott Steinbach - Wisconsin


"I just returned from hunting elk in the high country of Colorado. I was hunting in the deep and steep dark woods. My High Country Hunters kept my feet dry in the snow and wet terrain. I also was able to walk/climb the steep draws without the continual slipping and falling I have experienced wearing other shoes. The fit is superb and I finished each day with my feet in excellent shape! I ordered the High Country boots after I "wounded" my feet last year. Boots (brand) which I thought were well-broken in, left my feet a mass of blisters and beat my toes unmercifully while going down hill. I'm not going to tell you I ran the hills, not much running at 11,450', but I was able to hunt/walk all day every day from light to dark and looked forward to the next day's hunt."

Frederick Wentling -- Pennsylvania


To the Great Folks at Russell,

"Thank you for the prompt handling of the problem with my new boots. I can honestly say that the High Country Hunters are the best fitting, most comfortable, classiest looking pair of boots that I have ever had the satisfaction of putting on my feet. Over the years I have spent a considerable amount of money trying, in vain, to get a pair of boots that would fit properly. Finally I discovered you folks. Nothing else will go on my elk hunts or wanderings in the woods except a pair of Russell's. When I first tried the boots on they were a bit stiff. The more that I wear them the better they get...if they get any more comfortable I am going to be wearing them to bed. Again, thanks for an outstanding pair of boots. The price was worth every penny. I will be ordering another boot for warm weather wear in the future. You folks do a great job. You have definitely earned another loyal customer."

SparkDog (e-mail name)


To the best damn cobblers in the world:

"I ordered a pair of your boots in 1984-1985 while stationed with the Marines in Yuma, AZ. They have been the most comfortable boot that I have ever worn. I can only say that I am very proud of them and brag about them all the time. They have received a heavy dose of silicone every year and still appear new on the inside. They have hunted four years in Arizona, four years in Japan, four years in Southern California and numerous trips to Colorado, Georgia, Texas, Wyoming and another 8-9 years in Ohio. I can not say enough about them. My problem...which you can resolve...is I need a new pair. I have started to have feet problems and recently went to the foot doctor and found that my feet, which used to be a size 10 are now a size 11-1/2 wide. Apparently my arches have dropped which has increased my shoe size. I will not consider any other maker. Unfortunately my old boots were special ordered so I do not have a style name that I can use to reorder. I have enclosed photos of the boots hoping that you will be able to identify them. I want a pair identical except I would like to have two fewer rows of eyelets, replacing them with two more rows of army studs. I also want a pair of Sheep Hunter boots, 12” height with 400 gram Thinsulate and 400 gram slipsole, toe cap, and army studs."

William Fry, Jr., GySgt USMC Ret


"I got a pair of boots from you around April.  I wrote to you and explained that I've had several pair of custom boots from other outfits in the past and always tore them up and was never really happy with them.  I ordered a pair from you with some personal changes and you added some thicker leather around the sole.  I have been happy with these boots and thought I would write and tell you.

I'm in the field protecting sheep and cows from coyotes 12 months a year.  Part of it walking.  Part of it on horseback.  Days off are usually spent cutting wood, fixing fence, etc.  These boots do it all.  Best walking boot I've ever owned.  They are also great while on horseback.  I never had a boot that was good for both..  And they are tough...no wear anywhere expect a little on the soles, which is normal.

Upon receiving my Russell Sheep Hunters I started wearing them immediately, without breaking them in. After guiding several sheep hunters so far and experiencing the performance of these boots, not only will I continue to wear them but I'm sure my clients will also.

Two fellows I know have ordered the same boot.  A couple more are ready to order...all copies of mine.   There must be more fellows out there who would like a boot for horseback and for walking.  These are better than any packer boot I've owned.  I'll order another pair down the road.  Keep up the good work."

Scott Little -- Nevada


Dear Ralph,

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with my Russell Moccasin Hunting Boots. When I met with your staff at the SCI show I told them exactly what I was looking for and needed in a boot and they guaranteed your product to work and IT DID! I spend about four months a year in the Colorado Rockies packing and guiding elk and mule deer hunts and warm, dry feet are a must. Thanks to Russell Moccasins, this past season was the most comfortable ever. I have tried just about every brand of boot out there and nothing can compare to your product. Thank you for an extraordinary pair of boots and standing behind your product."

Cody Gotcher, Texas

Hello All at Russell,

"Your records will show that I have had three pairs of Russells made in the last five years. It’s true the soles are worn on my first and second pair but I’ll be sending them back to be fixed shortly. The reason I am writing you this note is to tell you that I just finished four months of hunting season here, again hiking 12 to 16 hours a day, in every kind of weather, through streams and mud holes, over rocky ledges and nasty boulder fields and my Russells see me through every year.

A few years ago I tore the plantar facia...the tendon that runs through the arch of the foot and the pain was unbelievable! It was like stepping with all your weight on a red hot coal. Casts, air splints, custom arch relief braces, even duct tape rolled up for padding provided little relief. And I had no choice but to be on my feet every day...because guides don’t get sick time!

Finally I just decided to wear my Russell High Country Hunters and to try to keep the weight off my foot. Guess what? Miracles of miracles...my Russell custom boots fit so perfectly that the instant I laced them on the pain went almost away. And I mean from teeth-gritting pain to hardly noticing it. I wore my Russell boots all season and the only foot pain I suffered was when I took my Russell’s off at night.

It got to the point where I would switch from my Air Bob-soled boots to my Huez-soled bird shooters at night and wear them around the house...just to feel the relief in my foot.

Right now there are lots of guides and hunters who put in as many hours as I did this season, or more, but they are soaking their feet in salts and complaining while I am looking forward to bobcat and snowshoe hare hunting all winter in my 600 gram Thinsulate-lined Russell boots.

I’ll be ordering the Wading shoe and several other summer weight boots from you shortly. You build one hell of a boot, folks. Keep up the good work for another 100 years."

Robert Weber, 3rd Generation Adirondack Guide


"A couple of years ago I had your firm make a pair of hunting boots for me. I had a chance to use them extensively under severe conditions, in the Kalahari Desert of the North West Province of South Africa, and in the mountains of the Eastern Cape over a period of twenty four days in August of this year. They performed outstandingly well and gave me the extra support and protection that I needed, (since I had broken a leg last year). I would just like to thank your firm for the fine quality and outstanding performance of these boots. Since I have smaller feet, it has always been a problem in getting a boot to fit well. Thanks again for this excellent pair of boots."

David G. Zellmer


"These are the greatest boots I've ever owned! For over half a century I've bought boots off the shelf -- with a close eye on price. It was worst money I ever saved. From now on it's Russell's for me; and for anyone who asks my advice."

Keith A. Goltz


"I ordered these boots at the 2002 Las Vegas SCI convention, and they arrived this summer. While I did not have a chance to hunt in them before going to the Yukon, I did "break them in" by wearing them around town and on some walks before leaving for the hunt in late August. I have never been so pleased with a pair of boots in my 30 some years of hunting.

I can't wait until I try my new Safari PH boots in 2004. I am positive that I will have the same experience with those boots as I had with my High Country Boots.

I look forward to ordering more footwear from your company. However, I will have to wear out what I have now and that may take some time on the High Country and Safari PH boots."

Best regards,
Al Taylor


"Just came back from the Chugach Range in Alaska with a nice Dall Sheep!. I wore your Sheep Hunters on this trip and after 3 hard days of climbing, I was extremely pleased. It rained almost constantly but the boots kept my feet dry.I have never experienced such steep slopes with scree rock and angular shale. The air bobs with the 3 vamp support gave me confidence as I "kept up" with my guide who must of had Mt. Goat genes!

I wish other manufacturers made hunting items to the same high standards as you do! Please confirm that my measurements are in your file as I want to order another pair. Thanks for playing an important part in the success of my hunt!! God Bless American craftsmanship!!"

Joseph Polunc Jr.


"My new Russell High Country Hunter boots arrived today. What a great fit! I put them on right out of the box and walked around up in the mountains for an hour or two and can not believe the nice fit. I don’t want to take them off. The workmanship is outstanding. God Bless you and all who worked on my boots."

Bob Lecher


"Enclosed is a pair of High Country Hunters. As you can see the soles are history. This is the second time they’ve been back to your factory for repairs and I am NOT in the least disappointed. I am just thrilled that the uppers have held together so well. I have never had a pair of boots last even one season before. These will be starting their third season this fall. I guide full time in Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico so they spend about 180 days in the field. Thanks for a great product."

Chris Denham


"I have hunted in the Scottish Highlands and the Austrian Alps, as well as in Alaska, the Yukon, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, plus most of the Western states in the U.S. in my Sheep Hunters, and they are extraordinary. Fabulous strength and support. Thank you for the excellence of your craftsmanship."

Bob Karel


"Working outside in all kinds of weather for the past 31 years and hunting for the last 40, I thought I knew and had great footwear. Let me tell you...I didn’t have anything that could compare to my new Russell Sheep Hunters. I just returned from a nine day elk and deer hunt in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, of which seven days it was either raining, sleeting or snowing. Riding horses, climbing mountains and walking through creeks had no affect on these boots. In fact, after about the fourth day my guide and the other hunters in camp were completely amazed that I had dry, warm feet. By the end of the hunt they were all sold on my Russells and so convinced that they are all looking to buy a pair. I guess their wet and cold feet all week was just too much. It was a true test of the quality of your boots. They came through with flying colors. Congratulations on such an outstanding product."

Ben Dorward


"I got my Sheep Hunters in time for my trip and I appreciate your efforts. After I left, my trip took an unexpected turn. I ended up wearing my new Sheep Hunters on a charter sailboat for five days on Lake Superior. Though I haven’t had a chance to wear them hunting yet, I can tell you from experience that they make great deck shoes. The Sheep Hunters proved to be warm, stable and dry ‘boat shoes’."

Bruce Niendorf


testimonial-sheephunter2.gif"I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for making, in my opinion, the best boots that I have ever worn. In my line of work I have gone through many boots and brands. Nothing that I have worn withstands the elements as well as Russell Sheep Hunters."

Elvin Hawkins, Outfitter and Guide


"This past September I went on a Stone Sheep and Mountain Goat hunt. At one point my Russell Sheep Hunters served to keep me out of serious trouble. When we were climbing to get into position for a shot at my ram, we had to step off a ledge onto a slick rock face that led to a 50-foot waterfall drop. My boots held traction and I was able to make my way up the slick rock face, out of danger. Another hunter who was climbing with us, however, slipped on the slick rock and slid to the edge of the 50-foot cliff, arresting himself at the last moment on the only rock he could have caught before going over the edge. The guides and I were able to rig up a rope sling and pull him up off the cliff to safety. My wife was pleased to hear that it was not I who had almost gone over the cliff."

Charles Walcott


"I’ve owned a pair of High Country Hunters for two years. In this time span they have been worn almost daily and have really been put to the test. The performance of this footwear has been impressive. The Weather Tuff leather is really remarkable. On a recent canoe trip these boots were subjected to a day long rain, slogging over rain-soaked portages with slippery rocks and tree roots, standing in water to load and unload canoes, walking through mud puddles on trails, plus the rain water draining off my rain pants. At the end of the day my socks were dry and my feet were warm, Others in the group, with Gore Tex lined leather and fabric footwear, got wet feet. Also, the Air Bob soles were very trustworthy on slippery surfaces."

Ed Gatzke


"I purchased a pair of Sheep Hunter boots last year and wore them hunting both Stone Sheep and Big Horns. They are the best sheep hunting boots I've ever owned. I've had a fair bit of sheep hunting experience. I've bow hunted sheep every year for the past 26 years, and I've had a lot of experience with expensive hunting boots. Your boots are the best."

Frank Glampa


"I just returned from an extremely difficult 2-1/2 weeks of sheep hunting in the MacKenzie Mountains, during which time I wore your Sheep Hunters. I now realize how important your boots and your feet are as hunting associates and guides experienced significant problems. During the hunt, between the guides and the clients, two pairs of very expensive Danner boots failed, plus one pair of Rocky’s along with a pair of Timberlands that separated at the sole and had to be duck taped back together so the hunter could continue with the hunt. The two pairs of Russells in camp, performed extremely well under adverse conditions. They provided good grip on rugged terrain, excellent ankle support and dry foot comfort as we walked through streams. Needless to say I am glad I chose Russells and wanted you to hear the good news, as so often people only take time to complain. Thanks for an excellent product."

George Kraft


"After 18 months hunting in your High Country Hunter boots I wanted to tell you about their performance. I have worn the boots from Maine to California, from the Yukon to Mexico, all with the same spectacular success. I hunted British Columbia on horseback for most of September, where the terrain made it more practical to lead the horses rather than ride them. Northern B.C. is an endless swamp, punctuated by rocks, mountains and occasional dry places. One day I walked 17 miles through water, tundra and broken rocks, leading a pack string. My feet came through the trip, not only dry, but without any damage or excessive fatigue. At first I thought the High Country Hunter’s high tops were frivolous, but after crossing a dozen or more shallow rivers with dry feet-- I am a believer. As they stand, they are the best hunting boot I have ever worn."

Ross Seyfried, Contributing Editor, Rifle and Rifle Hunting