Imperial Testimonials

"The Imperials are great !  Most comfortable boots I have ever worn. And the French veal is like butter.  Its really hot here but I don't even feel like my feet are sweating.  Now I want to get some Zephyr boots in black... has to be French  Veal.   I will use for my daily office use plussome light duty  at the shooting range. Thanks."

Alexander Lichaytoo - Philippines


“I ordered a pair of your French Veal Imperials in 1996. Over the years I hunted in dry weather in Mississippi, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana and they performed well. Following these hunts I followed your recommendations to air dry the boots and then treat them with Pecard oil. This year I wore the boots on a grouse hunt in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the weather was not as kind. For four days we walked through four to six inches of water. My hunting partners all utilized at least two pairs of boots with synthetic materials but I was able to use your boots without getting wet. At the end of the day they put their boots near a fire to dry out while I left mine away from any heat source. In the subsequent mornings throughout the hunt my boots were the only ones that continued to keep feet dry and comfortable. You should be very proud of your craftsmanship and the service you provide outdoorsmen.”

Rudy Eidam, Captain, Indiana State Police


"I am a 62-year-old bird hunter, born and raised in Oklahoma. I have hunted birds for 50 years. I have had, over the years, many pairs of boots. Some good, some not so good. I've had just about every kind of boot offered. The French Veal Russell Imperial boots I just received are the best looking and most comfortable boots I have ever worn. The day they came I wore them for three or four hours doing yard work and then wore them all day at the office the next day. They are more comfortable than can be imagined. I am looking forward to bird season more than ever now."

A.G. Murray, Jr. - Oklahoma