Leather Options

Russell uses only the finest leathers

All leathers used in Russell footwear are meticulously hand selected with painstaking care in order to provide Russell Moccasin customers with the highest grade materials and best workmanship possible. The benefits of this attention to detail comes to light in the letters customers send us, telling us they are still wearing Russell boots made 40 and 50 years ago, some handed down from father to son to grandson.

An older gentleman from Mississippi stopped by our booth at Safari Club International several years ago and told us that when was serving as a bomber pilot during World War II he wore a pair of Russell Birdshooters during his missions over Europe. He was 90 some years old at the time and said he still had those boots and still wears them.

French Veal: Quite possibly the finest boot and shoe leather in the world...buttery soft. fine grained and long lasting. French Veal possesses two qualities seldom found in combination--substantial weight and fine texture. Our French Veal leather is Chrome-tanned and waterproofed in the tanning cycle, producing a smooth, clear, tightly grained but pliable leather that, when properly cared for, will last a lifetime.

Waterproofed Chrome-Tanned Cowhide: Beginning with a high grade of cowhide, this leather is Chrome-Tanned and waterproofed. It remains soft and pliable even when wet.

Calfskin: An extremely lightweight, soft and pliable leather for maximum comfort, used primarily in casual and dress shoes.-
Soft Cowhide: This is a firm, full weight, fine grained cowhide. Soft, pliable and tough. It is not a waterproofed leather as it is made primarily for dry conditions. However, it will not become hard and stiff after getting wet.

Kangaroo: Kangaroo is extremely tough for its weight, due to its high tensile strength. It is very pliable, lightweight and comfortable around the leg.

Weather Tuff: Weather Tuff leather is a truly amazing product. It is silicone tanned and meets all specs and flex ratings and can be considered a true waterproof leather. Even under the most adverse wet conditions it exhibits very low water absorption. Treated on occasion with liquid silicone and silicone boot polish, Weather Tuff will remain soft and supple, breathable and waterproof. Weather Tuff is one of our most popular leathers for mountain boots and extreme duty bird shooting boots because of its incredible waterproofness.

Aqua Tan: With the same characteristics as Weather Tuff, Aqua Tan has a smooth finish and is used primarily as a waterproof lining in our boots.

Chamois: Originally known as oiled Nu-Buc, our Chamois leather features a full vegetable retannage, generously nourished with additional oils, giving it a warm oily feel and a beautiful natural look. Its natural look and comfort has made it a dress casual shoe classic among Russell customers. Easy to care for, requiring only an occasion brushing or washing if heavily soiled. Over time, its appearance and comfort are enhanced with wear.

Chromexcel: This is an original pull-up leather dating back to 1920. It is a full vegetable retanned leather that is hot stuffed with a secret blend of natural oils and greases. It is able to withstand repeated wettings and stay dry and soft. Its unique luster glows rather than shines.

Driftwood: The Horween Leather Company, Chicago, IL, tans this rich high performance leather the old fashioned way. It is retanned with a special blend of liquors and then hot stuffed, introducing waterproofing oils. The Drywear process is time consuming and yields relatively small quantities. Russell offers the grainy, milled Driftwood. There is an additional $15.00 charge for boots and $8.00 charge for shoes and boots made with Drywear. Double vamp shoes and boots made from Drywear are extremely waterproof and easy to care for.

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Kanga Tabac
Cognac Ostrich Saddle Ostrich Black Ostrich  
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Cognac Elephant Chocolate Elephant Grey Elephant    
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Cognac Alligator Chocolate Alligator Black Alligator