McIntosh Birdshooter Testimonials

“I’ve hunted turkeys in the Black Hills of South Dakota for 28 years and have always taken along a sack full of boots so I could change boots every day. Frequently I would get a sore foot or blister and limp the rest of the week. This year I wore your custom made McIntosh Birdshooters for five days from 4 a.m. till noon. Very rough country and a great deal of climbing and descending rocky, steep slopes. At the end of five days I did not have a single sore spot. What a boot!”

Robert Nelson


“Now that I’ve had the chance to give them a good workout in several parts of the U.S. and Argentina, I must tell you I couldn't be happier with the McIntosh Birdshooters you built for me. They’re everything I hoped for--light, rugged, excellent for ankle support, and comfortable as a pair of socks. I hope the design has proven successful for you as a catalog item. Several people who have seen them have expressed the intention of ordering a pair.”

Michael McIntosh, writer, author and designer of the McIntosh Birdshooter