Minimalist Footwear

Minimalist Footwear From Russell For Natural
Barefoot-Type Running And Walking

levidodd.jpgIn the fall of 2009 a fellow by the name of Tucker Goodrich called us with an unusual request. Tucker was not a Russell customer at the time nor was he an outdoorsman in the sense of being a hunter or fisherman. He is however, a dedicated runner. He asked if we had ever heard made a minimalist shoe?

The key design feature Tucker requested, was that the shoe be built on the old Munson Army Last. Russell reintroduced the Munson Army Last about a year ago in a quiet stalking boot, called the Thula Thula, for the hunting industry. The virtues of this old last design are many. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Tucker's design wish list included, 1) a shoe based on the Munson Army Last so toes and bones in the foot can move freely, similar to barefoot running, 2) a super thin yet grippy sole for maximum ground feel, 3) a flat sole with no heel lift, 4) minimal support and no cushioning overall, including the arch area.

Russell initially built Tucker a pair of Minimalist Huron oxford's based on one of our popular hunting shoe models, made in tan Laramie Roughout Suede and equipped with a special slip resistant Vibram Newporter sole and a super thin 4 iron, (about 1/16" thick), midsole. Next we made Tucker an all leather model of the Minimalist Thula Thula, equipped with the same thin Vibram Newporter sole and thin midsole. Tucker, who lives in the Northeast and runs most every day, must deal with rain and snow during his winter runs so we made his boots out of waterproof WeatherTuff leather. CLICK HERE to read Tucker's report on the shoes he helped Russell design.

Diana Rupp, Editor In Chief, Sports Afield magazine, who is not only a hunter but an enthusiastic runner who runs on city streets, in the hills of California and on the beaches, reports: CLICK HERE TO READ DIANA'S COMMENTS.

Mike Rogers, Host and Field Producer of Safari Club International's Expedition Safari TV show recently wore his Thula Thula's on a dangerous game hunt in Africa. CLICK HERE TO READ MIKE'S REPORT.

All Russell boots and shoes are made in the true moccasin style. Natural, breathable leather wraps completely around the foot. There is no artificial filler under the foot. Add to that...handmade quality and your shoes being built on the venerable Munson Army Last with plenty of room for your toes to move...AND...being made to measure from tracings and measurements of your own feet...and the comfort level soars.

Just because you are a runner who has taken up minimalist footwear use while running, doesn't mean that you have to compromise initial fit and comfort...nor do you have to wear running shoes to work. Russell makes its boots and shoes, one pair at a time, to the customer's specifications and guarantees a perfect fit.

CLICK HERE TO READ THE SOLDIER'S FOOT AND THE MILITARY SHOE, THE STORY OF THE MUNSON ARMY LAST ONLINE (Note: when link comes up, click Read Online, far left side of page)

All Russell Minimalist shoes are equipped with a standard flat Vibram Newporter sole & 4 iron midsole with NO HEEL LIFT.
Options include:

All of our boots and shoes are true moccasin construction, which consists of a flat foot bed with no cushioned insole along with either one, two, or three layers of leather underneath your feet depending on the style chosen. Due to the moccasin construction of our boots and shoes we are unable to build around orthotics/inserts. A moccasin is meant to mold to your feet, orthotics prevent that from happening. If you need some cushioning in your boots/shoes we have a black poron slip sole that can be added to double and triple vamp boots and shoes, as well as our double moccasin bottom construction. For single vamp boots and shoes, a poron sock lining can be added. Thank you.