Mohican Stalker

We have increased the waterproofness, durability and versatility of the Mohican Stalker by the addition of double vamp construction, and low profile multipurpose sole. The rubber midsole is sewn to the bottom of the molded leather sole before it is stitched to the boot or vamp portion of the boot, making it almost impossible for water to get in at the sole line.

The molded leather sole gives added support and protection to the lower foot portion. Low profile Vibram Multi-Purpose sole offers good traction and yet maintains true moccasin look and essential foot contact and feel necessary for quiet stalking. A 1/4” heel wedge is inserted between sole and midsole to give more support.

All Leather Lined Boot Insulation Information

Upper Portion of Boot: All leather-lined boot uppers may be insulated with EITHER Thinsulate or Leather Lined Uppers, but not both.
Lower Portion of Boot: You may choose to have a Thinsulate Slipsole in the FOOT in addition to upper insulation.

Standard Height is 9"

Custom Made Only.

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Mohican Stalker

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Mohican Stalker