Motorcycle Boot Testimonials

biker.jpg“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you how much I love my Russell Rider boots. I have just returned from my yearly motorcycle vacation, which took me to Sturgis SD , the mountains of Colorado, the canyons of Utah, the red rocks of Sedona, to Santa Fe NM, back to Colorado and eventually home again. In all we put a little over 5,000 miles on our bikes. We rode in all types of weather from hard rain to 110 degree heat; it was a great trip, just wish it wouldn’t have had to end. Over the years I have tried many other brands of boots and I can tell you my new Russell riders are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned, I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for turning me onto a great boot. I’ve never owned a pair of boots I could wear that long.

“When I was younger I wasn’t smart enough to buy good shoes...and I worked on concrete for 19 years when I was in the printing trade. I wore tennis shoes a lot and other types of shoes that didn’t give you good support, so consequently, I’ve got bad feet.

“Over the course of the last 10 years, I’ve owned probably six different pair of biker boots. When I was on the bike...they were great,. But when I got off the bike and had to walk in them...well that was a whole different story. And I spent some pretty decent money on some of those boots. I bought a pair of Corbin’s boots...they’re durable, rugged, they’re heavier than hell and they last forever. They were OK for a while, but again...when I had to walk them they just weren’t very comfortable.

“Russell Riders are super comfortable to walk in and they are waterproof. We got caught in the rain a couple times and I didn’t put my rain boots on and my feet didn’t get wet. They’re light. They fit me well. A lot of boots that fit me in the front part of my foot slip off my heel. These don’t do that. I like the Vibram Air Bob sole because it is a little more aggressive. A lot of times there is gravel and you don’t want to lose your footing.

“I used to work with a pressman who was an avid hunter, and I remember him wearing these moccasin style boots. I never knew what they were and I had never seen them anywhere before. But he always wore them. He wore them to work, he hunted in them, he fished in them, he wore them all the time. It just dawned on me one day...that is what they were...Russells. Now I know why...because they’re comfortable.”

PROFILE: Jeff Astrup, 48, has been one of the leading salesman at St. Paul Harley-Davidson, St. Paul, MN, for seven years. He has been riding for 35 years. Jeff rides between 6,000 and 12,000 miles a year. Jeff rides a Harley 100th Anniversary Electra Glide Classic. Jeff’s girlfriend, who accompanied him on the 5,000 mile trip, owns two Harley’s and rode her own new Road King on their Western trip this summer."
"The Daytona's arrive about six days ago. When looking closely at them out of the box it occurred to me that they might well be mounted and framed, so terrific is the workmanship and the leather. I put them on right then, deciding I would wear them a few hours each evening to break them in. Stop chuckling. Of course you know they needed nothing of the sort, being incredibly comfortable from the start. So much so that I no longer wear slippers...just your boots as soon as I am off work. They are marvelous on the motorcycle as well. I can't thank you enough and have already proposed to a close friend that he should have you make a pair of golf shoes for him."

John Blukley, Jr.


"I have never had a product I was so willing to give a testimonial on so quickly.   But after receiving my Sturgis Motorcycle Boots two days ago I am doing just that.  I asked that the buckle be left off the boots and because these boots are custom made there was to response like, 'That's the way the come,' but instead, the response was 'Absolutely!'  Usually new boots and shoes require a break-in period where you wear them for an hour or so at first and gradually increase your time in the shoe or boot but that is not so with the Russell Moccasin style boot.   The boots had a good fit and felt comfortable when I first put them on.  I wore them for more than 3 hours without a blister.  I actually forgot I had them on they were such a good fit and comfortable to walk in.  The back zipper made it very easy to enter the boots and yet it gave a secure feel once zipped up.   I have wanted a pair of Russell Moccasin boots for several years and the motorcycle boots was my entrance into this great style of footwear.   I am looking forward to wearing them for many years.   Excellent product and I highly recommend to anyone who is in need of a pair of boots to make Russell Moccasin boots one you strongly consider.  Yes, they are more expensive than standard boots you will find at the local store but they are made to your feet and they will last many years with proper care."

Bill Hogue


"I recently received my pair of Sturgis motorcycle boots. Just want to tell you that they are the best and absolutely the most comfortable boot I've ever owned in 45 years of riding. The first day I wore them for 15 hours, riding and walking. There was no break in period at all. The 12-inch height is just right for tucking in the jeans on windy days. I've got a closet full of boots in the $200 to $300 range and in the closet is where they will stay!! Very few things I've ever bought turned out to be as good as they were advertised, but my Sturgis boots are indeed. Congratulations on making a fine product."

Robert Montgomery "Moondog"
Bikers Against Child Abuse, NE Oklahoma Chapter


"I wanted to drop a line to let you know what a great product your Daytona Motorcycle Boot is.  I do a great deal of riding as well as charity volunteer working involving motorcycle events.  Which means hours on the bike and many more hours on my feet.  I have never found a boot that is comfortable in both situations and would fit my rather large AND narrow feet.  I hit the jackpot with your boots!  I got them on Wednesday, wore them all day Sunday, then went on a 1,500 mile--36-hour "Iron-Butt" ride.  I wore them for 16 to 22 hours a day for three days!  There was no breaking in involved and they felt super from the get go.  I am so impressed that I just placed an order for a pair of your dress shoes."