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2012 Sporting Classics

New Birdshoter Boot A Modern Classic
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Tuck's Shoes (Prototype Minimalist Footwear)

tucks4.jpg I did an hour hike up and down a back-country ski trail the other day in a custom pair of minimalist shoes. Packed snow, nine degrees Fahrenheit, and my feet were toasty the whole way. They have no heel lift, no cushioning, an anatomically correct design, and are the only shoes I've found other than FiveFingers where I can actually splay my toes; they have excellent traction. No need for snow shoes, or Yaktrax.

A new start-up minimalist shoe company? Nope, this company has been making minimalist footwear for over 100 years. It's the Russell Moccasin Co. of Berlin, Wisconsin, and the shoe in question was produced for me as a prototype after a conversation with the 80-year old owner. READ MORE

2008-2009 Annual Bow Hunting World

Official New #2 P & Y All-Time Black Bear
Deja Vu All Over Again!
How many bears of a lifetime can a guy harvest? From the same stand site? Just ask Rob Evans...

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Field and Stream Best of the Best for 2007

The Russell Prickly Pear Bridshooter was recently awarded Field & Stream’s “Best of the Best” Gear of the Year award in the boots category for 2007. Jay Cassell, Deputy Editor of Field & Stream said the “Best of The Best” judges deemed the Russell Prickly Pear Birdshooter “the most innovative and best-designed product in its class.”

Overland Journal Gear Guide 2008


The Russell Professional Hunter (PH) boots you see here are not new, as should be obvious. They belong to my wife, and are the veterans of numerous trips to Africa—not fly-from-lodge-tolodge safaris, but gritty, muddy, on-the-ground drives and treks in Maasai country for community development and conservation work. I thought they would speak better than a shot of a spanky new pair to the quality of the shoes and boots produced by the Russell Moccasin Company in Berlin, Wisconsin...

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"The Professional Hunter" and "The Safari"


Long before the first translucent rays of the early morning sun start showing through the sleepy Acacias and the last haunting jackal cries begin to fade, there is a lonely mand out there in africa busy preparing your day for you. On his shoulders is placed the responsibility of your well-being, safety and satisfaction....

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The Bowyer's Journal

p.49 Fall 2007
By Brian Halbleib


Product Profiles
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Russell Moccasin Company
Russell Tracker

This autumn marks my 22nd year of chasing critters afield with a a bow in my hand. Over the years, I've tried and worn just about every style of so-called hunting footwear out there...

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National Bowhunter

From the Bowstring of Don Dvoroznak


Comfort, Quality, Longevity:
The Russell Moccasin Company

Several years back I was introduced to the Russell Moccasin Company while atteding tthe Safari International Convention in Reno, Neveda. A very cordial individual by the name of Dan Viertel was working the Russell booth...

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Field & Stream

Gear of the Year 2007
By Peter B. Mathiesen


Boots have evolved quickly in the past decade, with improved designs and new and lighter materials resulting in better and more specialized footwear for sportsmen. With most boots now manufactured overseas, price have also plummeted. I tested more than a dozen pairs. Each worn for several days or weeks, for activities from spring turkey and bear hunting to hanging tree stands. Design, construction, performance, and value all factored into my decisions...

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Wisconsin Outdoor News

November 2, 2007
By Mike Monte - Contributing Writer


It all started with a phone call early one morning. My favorite gun engraver in Sagola, Mich., Kim Aylworth

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Bow & Arrow Hunting

June/July, 2007
Page 77


For those who prefer a more traditional all-leather boot for maximum breathability, Russell makes the Bowhunter Boot, which features a totally scent-free design. "This boot incorporates a scentless, all natural waterproofing and leather conditioner, a full Scent-Lok fabric liner, the use or silver technology X-Scent socks and the use of Scent Killer spray or similar products," says Russell's Richard Sanders. "As designed and tested, the product performs perfectly."

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Sporting Classics

November/December, 2005
Page 164


Russell Moccasin Company, makers of handcrafted moccasin-style footwear, is now offering two of its benchmade classics - the Zephyr zip-up boot and the Premier Chukka - in dressy alligator versions for those who want a more elegant look for business and social wear....

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Sporting Classics

November/December, 2006
Page 168


At the request of quail and deer hunters in the Southwest, Russell developed the Prickly Pear Birdshooter to protect against thorns, cactus and snakebites...

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S.W.A.T. - Boots for Tracking and Anti-Tracking

July, 2007
Pages 26-30


Most law enforcement officers involved in some sort of tactical specialty - or any specialty, for that matter - are gear freaks to some extent or another...

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