Ed Boucher - California

"Please resole my Minimalist shoes with the same Newporter sole as is currently on the shoes. I use these for running. I have put approximately 1,200 miles on this pair. I have absolutely no complaints. This is the first pair of running shoes I have had where I have experienced no foot pain, no knee pain or back pain. I just received my second pair of Russell Minimalist shoes. I have been waiting for the their arrival so I could send my first pair back for resoling. Thanks for a great product."

tucker.jpgTucker Goodrich, The Man Who Inspired Russell To Design Minimalist Footwear

“Ralph had some ideas about what would be ideal for a barefoot experience, and made up the shoe I'm writing about.

“I called Russell with a bunch of ideas about making a minimalist shoe, but not a lot of practical experience in shoemaking. Fortunately for me, Russell has plenty, and I’ll take full credit for realizing that I should stop talking and let Russell make me some shoes. I learned more about this whole minimalist shoe movement from a short conversation with Ralph Fabricius than from almost anyone else. I figured I would need to make a sales pitch to convince Russell to make these shoes for me, but Ralph got the whole concept before I’d finished explaining it.

“The two prototype minimalist shoes Russell made for me, a low shoe and a boot, have become two of my favorite shoes. I’m wearing one pair as I type this. The boots (which, among other things, I use for running in cold, snowy conditions) perfectly match what I’d hoped for. I’m sorry to say I can’t think of a bad thing to say about them. If you’re looking for a shoe that will fit comfortably and allow your foot to work the way it was designed to, you couldn’t do better, IMHO, and I’ve tried a lot of the alternatives. Plus there’s something very cool about a shoe I can wear running up the side of a mountain in VT in the snow, and then wear to the office the next day. They’re wonderful.”

mike-rogers.jpgMike Rogers, Host and Field Producer, SCI Expedition Safari TV Show

“The Thula Thula is THE answer for getting close to dangerous game. They are the ultimate in comfort and offer the perfect blend of of form and function...they are the most comfortable footwear I have ever worn. The Thula Thula provides a feeling of absolute connection with the ground. When Russell developed this new style boot they went to great length to make my feel feel unresticted.”

Diana Rupp, Editor In Chief, Sports Afield (has optional Vibram Grip Rock Sole)

"Many companies might rest on their laurels after creating such an ideal stalking boot, but Russell has gone ahead and created an even better one. My new pair of Thula Thulas does what my old Safari PHs do but in spades. Each boot is a full half-pound lighter, weighing in at just shy of a pound each, as light as my running shoes. They are as comfortable as slippers, built in a moccasin style that cradles the feet in leather but keeps them free of extraneous lift and padding...nothing extra anywhere, not even in the heel. But it's the soles of these boots that really set them apart. When I first saw the thin, flat sole of rubber, with no visible tread, I was skeptical. They looked, slippery.

diana-rupp.jpg"I laced them up and headed out to a wilderness park near where I live in southern California and hiked off-trail at the first opportunity. Right away I was impressed. Not only were these boots even quieter than the PH’s which wasn’t surprising considering the sole design but they weren’t slippery. In fact, the soles have a stickiness to them, similar to rock-climbing shoes. I was able to hop boulders and dry logs with ease, and the boots were nearly noiseless on the gravel-strewn ground. I was concerned that the minimalist construction might not be supportive enough when I hiked briskly back down the hard-packed, rocky trail on the way home but I got involved in the scenery and forgot all about my feet, which is one of the best things you can say for a boot. Unlike most of the boots I own, the Thula Thulas have plenty of room in them for my toes to move and spread out, which helps me walk more naturally and adjust for the ground as if barefoot. Yet, as I discovered on the hike down the trail, my ankles were held firmly in place, so my toes never slide forward or contacted the front of the boot."