Russell Tracker

The “Ultimate” Boot for tracking and stalking. The 7” double vamp “Tracker” has 9 oz. of waterproof Weather Tuff™ wrapped around your foot plus a 7 oz. slip sole of water resistant Boarhide and a 9 oz. outer hand molded sole of the same material. The total thickness is 1/2”. The following quote from Ross Seyfried, Shooting Editor, Guns and Ammo says it all: “I have tried for years to find the quiet qualities of moccasins with the ability to turn the African thorns. Yours are the first ones that have been successful.”

All Leather Lined Boot Insulation Information

Upper Portion of Boot: All leather-lined boot uppers may be insulated with EITHER Thinsulate or Leather Lined Uppers, but not both.
Lower Portion of Boot: You may choose to have a Thinsulate Slipsole in the FOOT in addition to upper insulation.

Standard Height is 7"

Custom Made Only.

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Russell Tracker

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Russell Tracker