Russell's Bird Shooter

SINGLE VAMP - This popular moccasin was designed for those who want an extremely lightweight, all-purpose boot. For upland hunting, the “Bird Shooter”® can’t be beat. Being a true Russell Moccasin, comfort speaks for itself. Height 9 inches. Uppers made of water-proof chrome leather, hand sewn toe seams; no counters; lightweight leather midsoles; non-slip Black Vibram 430 soles and heels.

DOUBLE VAMP - This boot is the same as the regular S-3180-GC Bird Shooter® except it is built with a double vamp, making it as water-proof as a moccasin leather boot can be made. All needle holes are sealed.

Ordering Information: Toe Cap and Leather Lined Uppers only available in Double Vamp

Custom Made Only.

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Russell's Bird Shooter

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Bird Shooter