Sport Everyday Oxford Testimonials

Dear Russel Moccasin,
Yesterday I received the Fishing Oxfords you made using my Cape Buffalo hide.  I’ve purchased shoes from many of the most famous (and some of the most expensive) footwear makers worldwide, and I’ve never had a pair of shoes like yours.  The fit is wonderful.  They were instantly comfortable and the level of craftsmanship is unlike any I’ve ever seen.  The appearance is a perfect blend of rustic and stylish.  If someone had told me such a shoe was still being made in today’s world, I would not have believed them.  The fact that they were made using the hide of a buffalo that was stopped in full charge at 13 yards has incorporated lifetime hunting memories in their construction.  Thank you for making a beautiful product.

Dennis Drayna
Potomac, MD

"The 4-eyelet Oxfords arrived the other day and it took about 5 minutes to break them in. My feet are very happy!! Thank you for calling and discussing the difference between the Oxfords and the South 40 Birdshooter boots. Each pair makes me wish you were in the dress shoe business too. If you ever expand in that direction let me know. Within weeks I will be ordering another pair of Oxfords in brown. I am trying to decide which model. Thank you for the GREAT work you do."

Sam Hook


"I would like to take this opportunity to express a sincere thanks for providing me with the most comfortable shoes I have ever purchased. About 30 years ago I purchased a pair of Oneidas and they turned out to be the greatest. At the time I was only a they did not fit the image...but I did not care...they were comfortable. Over the years I lost contact with Russell Moccasin. About a year ago I purchased the enclosed Sporting Clays shoes and true to form, they are great. I would like to have them resoled as I walk a little on the outside of the foot. Again, thanks for providing a great product and maintaining the lost art of craftsmanship."

Clif Orphal