Sporting Clays - Classic Shooting Shoe

Designed to provide support and comfort for the hours spent shooting a round of sporting clays over all types of terrain.

Shoe formed out of Tan Weather Tuff leather with green Weather Tuff  cushion collar.  Fully breathable for maximum comfort. A single vamp moccasin surrounds the foot with a comfortable layer of leather that conforms to the wearer’s foot. Then, a hand molded outer sole is added, surrounding the inner moccasin with a second layer of waterproof leather. The outer sole is stitched to a rubber midsole.  The inner moccasin is then cemented and stitched to the outer sole assembly.  There are no stitches at the sole level, making water penetration from the bottom or sides of the shoe next to impossible.  This shoe has great stability and comfort, which is important for a competitive shooter.

For comfort, true moccasin construction cradles the foot in two layers of leather.  A lightweight, shock absorbing Vibram wedge crepe sole soaks up jolts. Leather cushion collar around the shoe opening cushions the ankle. A removable “toe tab” is available for extra..

Custom Made Only.

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Sporting Clays - Classic Shooting Shoe

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Sporting Clays - Classic Shooting Shoe