Toe Lace Climber Testimonials

“I just returned from a Dall sheep hunt in the Mackenzie Mountains in the Northwest Territories of Canada.  I wore your Toe Lace Climber boot, custom made from the hide of my Cape Buffalo taken some years previous.  I had these boots made specifically for my sheep hunt.  Your boots performed well under quite adverse circumstances.  It was an even more meaningful hunt because of your excellent boots made from my hide.  Thank you.”

Bruce Moon - Texas

“I received my boots this week and they are incredible. The quality and fit are exactly what I had hoped for in a custom boot. Wore them out of the box for 12 hours without any complaints, hotspots or discomfort. An amazing accomplishment for any shoes, much less a pair of all leather boots.”

Mike Harrell, Georgia

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I was really impressed with your customer service it was way more than I expected, it just reminds me of what America once was. The boots fit perfect and are really comfortable in the steep rocky hillsides of Nevada. I look forward to hunting in them this year. Thanks."

Greg Duerr - Nevada