Zephyr Testimonials

To my friends in Wisconsin:
The new boots are a piece of art. They fit like a Russell Moccasin glove and look like a million bucks! Thanks again.  It is an honor to wear your boots.
Steven Krook


spaniel-pup.jpgMy Zephyrs have become my daily ‘go to’ boot. They easily go from the kennel to field in the morning to the office to bank later in the day. My feet stay comfortable and dry no matter the environment and look great through it all. Consequently, I need to order another pair at some point in the near future as I’ve scratched up the French Veal some over the past 9 months.”

David Alford - Texas

NOTE: David Alford, Henderson, TX, is Board Chairman for Citizens National Bank, an avid quail hunter and raise sand trains Boykin Spaniels. His small family-run kennel is NUF CED Boykins. David is also Treasurer for the Boykin Spaniel Society - Camden, South Carolina, the official registry for the Boykin Spaniel.


"Just wanted to say and let ya’ll know that your Zepher boots are the best thing since sliced bread to me. Keep up the above excellent work and thank ya’ll again."



"I've been wearing your boots every work day for about 15 years now.  I've bought three pairs of pull on boots over that time.  I think I resoled my first pair three times.   I started out with Cavaliers for my first two pairs and switched to the Double Moccasin Bottom Zephyrs for my last pair.   I work in outside sales and call on ornamental nurseries where the ground is sometimes wet and rocky.  My feet have never gotten wet.   I've tried several brands before and they always fell apart over time.  Besides looking a little worn, I could put on any of the first two pair of Russells and they would wear just fine.  They really mold to your feet and fit like a glove.   I wear them year around and I find them not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter.   People ask me all the time what they are and I tell them 'Russell's!'  I tell them 'it's the best boot you will ever buy if you just try them once.   Don't let the price chase you away.  They are worth every penny.' You have a lifetime customer!"

Charlie Owen --Alabama


"The boots fit like they were made for me -- which of course they were. They are delightful to wear and indeed beautiful.
They were well worth the wait."

Thomas Vechinski

"I have now received my Zephyr boots and I am thrilled with how they fit. I have been wearing them and the more I wear them the better they feel. I want to thank you for all your help and concern. Mary and I are very appreciative of all your help. We are now the proud owners of custom fitted Russell boots. I would be honored to recommend your boots to anyone."

H. G. Anderson, Jr.



"Today I received my pair of Ostrich Zephyrs my wife finally let me splurge on. I talked to the sweet girl on the phone who told me you were out until tomorrow, so I just wanted to follow up with this email. The UPS man hadn't but left the house when I'd ripped open the box like a kid at Christmas and put these jewels on my feet. Then I tucked my pants into them and went all over Northeast Louisiana showing my farmers and dealers what they're missing out on! My Grandmother bought my first pair of National Championship Edition Zephyrs from Dunn's Sporting Goods in 1995 when I started my second semester of college at Mississippi State. They've been resoled twice, and even though they're still dandy, I'd forgotten what new ones felt like. This is my 4th pair of Russell's and I have a pair of Art Carters on the way. Y'all's shoes are helping me understand what drugs must be like! Thanks so much for a superior product."

Cam Smith, Monroe, LA


"Ralph, The Zephyrs I bought from you are ideal for walking my dogs through the fields. My pants and my feet stay dry. Triple vamp is the way to go. Thanks."

Ken Yeager, Minnesota



“Today under separate cover I have ordered my last pair of Russell Boots. I am 77 years old and don’t think I’ll wear these out. I spent 32 years as a wildlife biologist, working in North Carolina, Louisiana, Colorado and Texas, as a regional biologist covering 12 Southern and Southeastern states. During that time I wore one pair of Russell Bird Shooters out and I am working on my second pair now. I used these boots for work, I hunted in them for deer, dove, squirrel, rabbit, woodcock, snipe and every other type of game and fished from boats and small streams in them. The Zephyrs that I just ordered are going to be ‘fun’ boots, used to walk the dogs, (Labs), hike and just knock around in. I am looking forward to getting them and putting them on. You build a great pair of boots.”

Edward Ray Smith, Texas


“I have spent most of my life wearing boots that didn’t fit or were not comfortable. The first time I wore the Zephyrs that I ordered from you, I found that they were the most comfortable of any boot that I have ever worn. Thanks for a real quality product. Please send me more order forms.”

Richard Wright


“I just want to thank you for rushing my order through. I just got back from my hunting trip and my boots were wonderful. They were tough outdoors and they were comfortable. We stayed out all day and my feet never got tired. Please extend my thanks to everyone involved in this success. Another satisfied customer!!”

Jason Renfroe


“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and assurance for the fit of the Zephyr boots I ordered. This is the second pair of boots that you made for me. They are excellent boots and are very comfortable for long days of bird hunting. I was reluctant to order custom made footwear by mail. However, your customer service won me over and I would not hesitate to recommend your company and products to my friends and associates."

Dale Osborne


“The Zephyr boots arrived. Best fit I’ve ever had! I wore them all afternoon. At bedtime my wife said, ‘You’re not going to wear those boots to bed!’ Thanks to you and the master cobbler who built them.”

Pat Dorsey


"I would like to tell you of the shock I felt when I first put on the pair of Zephyr boots I just received. These things are the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet, including socks. I would like to state that the fit and craftsmanship are superior to anything I have ever seen. My feet thank you."

Judd Walker